Demilec Launches Spray Foam Insulation Website

BUTLERSBRIDGE, Ireland – Demilec, a pioneer in environmentally safe, high-performance spray foam insulation, has announced the launch of its website for residential and commercial customers, architects/builders, and insulation contractors. The site highlights the fact recyclable materials and renewable resources are used. By installing Demilec Eco Spray Foam Insulation, customers can control air leakage and eliminate condensation and mold growth within the building.

In addition to providing a full listing of products, the website details services such as contractor support. Also represented is the Building Science Division, which helps customers develop residential and commercial design options. The company works with building energy rating assessors as well, and works with architects to provide insight into spray foam insulation in regards to environmental protection and building performance.

The site covers the company’s equipment division too. Visitors can read up on its line of spray foam insulation rigs, proportioners, spray guns, hoses, and transfer pumps. Generators and compressors, and the safety and protection equipment used, are highlighted as well.

A range of video and media resources include product brochures, testimonials, press releases, and lists of exhibitions and trade shows. A video gallery is included as well. Visitors can view a list of certifications held by Demilec, and also see product datasheets. The site also covers a range of other construction concepts, including Superior Energy Efficient Designs.

Visitors can also sign up for the newsletter online. To contact the company, a support form is provided. For more information about Demilec Spray Foam Insulation and the various products and services, equipment, and technical resources offered by the company, visit its new online portal at

Media Contact
Company Name: Demilec Eco Spray Foam Insulation
Contact Person: Fergal McAloon
Phone: +353 (0) 49 4350151
Address:Derrygarra, Butlersbridge, Co. Cavan
Country: Ireland