Sellers Arena Hits Record Profits Using Predictive Rankings

COLUMBUS, OH – 7/25/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Sellers Arena, the Amazon management service, recently announced that it had perfected its predictive ranking service, allowing them to see which product was going to reach the top pages-and therefore, outmaneuver competition.

“Even though the Amazon ranking system is a closely guarded secret, we are now able to predict who is going to move where,” says VP of Sales Charles Koon. “By knowing who is going up, and who is going down, we can move our client’s products, and since we make the majority of our money off a small commission, that means big growth- for us and them” he explains.

Although a number of Amazon management companies have cropped up in the wake of amazon’s FBA service, which is being heralded as “ a business.. you should definitely have a look at” by, sellers arena is the first to the predictive service, and to be owned exclusively by former and current FBA partners.

Sellers Arena has began including this new service into their price model for free, and expects to ramp up staffing to deal with growth expectations.

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