Unconventional Investing Methods Spark Conversations

Terence Tan, keynote trainer of the Income Mastery Programme.
Over the years, numerous financial literacy programmes had planted roots in Singapore. Many promised great returns. Few delivered. This week, the team from media network Affiliate Hall spends a day with Terence Tan, keynote trainer of the Income Mastery Programme, to investigate the secrets behind his particular workshop. As stated on his website, his system is designed to generate consistent wins for investors throughout the year, regardless of market circumstances.

July 25, 2016, Singapore – It started out with a friendly albeit rather awkward exchange. Terence extended a warm handshake to Teo and Ted, the duo from Affiliate Hall who had arrived to find out more about him and his system. The pair had zero knowledge and experience in investing. Both were probably too proud to admit so. There was a brief moment of spastic smiles and nods as the group quickly went through the formalities. 

“Don’t worry about it,” assured Terence thoughtfully, as though aware of his visitors’ concerns. “Our lessons are meant for people from all walks of life.”

It was later understood that there are primarily three groups of students that Terence and his team cater to. One, people who have absolutely no experience with investing. Two, people who are considered experts and are open to new perspectives and ways of investing. And three, people who have tried investing previously, got burnt with substantial losses, but are willing to try again.

Teo got the ball rolling by asking the first question.

“If I may ask, what is so different about your programme, as compared to the rest that promises great returns or dividends?” he asked.

Pic: Terence speaking at one of his workshops.

Terence looked as though he had been asked this question quite regularly. Patiently answering his sceptic, he explained with a smile, “We are not a get rich programme. We do not risk our participants’ monies unnecessarily, like so many do.  We adopt profitable, low risk, tested and proven methods to help people enjoy consistent wins over weeks, months and years.”

“And how do you do that?” added Ted curiously.

“We do so by taking a rather unconventional stance in the market,” replied Terence with heightened enthusiasm. “Rather than buying and selling stocks with less than stellar track records, we pick only the best of the best in the market, or what we call ‘blue chips’.”

Teo might be new to investing, but he does know a thing or two about buying and holding on to blue chips.

“Won’t that be expensive, then, to buy stocks that are already high up in the market? And won’t it take a great deal of time to see substantial returns, even with high initial investment amounts?” he asked.

“And that’s where our system excels,” replied Terence with a beam. “Rather than traditionally buying and holding on to the best stocks, which, by the way, will already give you higher returns than most banks over the long term, we use a simple strategy of selling options to help us create income all year round!”

“Imagine a scenario where you own a prime property while collecting rent,” he added. “It’s the same principle. Basically you are holding on to one of the best stocks, the prime property, while collecting ‘rent’; payments made from selling options associated with the stock.”

Elaborating on what ‘options’ are, he broke it down to one simple term; insurance.

“Options are basically insurance. You opt to purchase a stock at an agreed price, despite market movements over time. Say it falls below a certain price after a while. You exercise your option. You get insured against drastic market falls or crashes.”

“How does this relate to making consistent income?” asked Ted.

Pic: Close up with Terence at one of his workshops. 

“In the market, you are allowed to sell options associated with your stock,” explained Terence. “So, the goal here, is really to purchase a stock that has been proven to provide good and consistent returns over the long term. And then selling the options associated with it to other market players. This way, you reduce any chances of making a loss at all, all the while collecting payments the whole year round.”

“Of course, there are many scenarios possible when you are doing this as well, but because of the constraints of this discussion, we will not be able to touch on all of them in detail and specifics. In general, it entails a strategy of not just investment, but also business. Business in the sense that you are selling ‘insurance,’ the options as well. Think more like a business owner with a sales and investment strategy.”

“A strategy that has generated a consistent return of over 30% per annum.”

The duo might have been zeroes when it comes to investing, Terence’s way of using simplified language to bring his points across has brought to them some form of enlightenment. It might not have been much, but at least they know at large how his system works and whether it makes sense or not in the first place.  It was definitely not a case of, “cannot convince, confuse.”

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To find out more about Terence and the Income Mastery Programme, visit http://www.incomemasteryprogramme.com/.

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