The Comprehensive Restoration Makes the Rome Coliseum Re-brilliant

After five years’ hard work, the first-phase of restoration to Rome Coliseum was finished. Italian photographer Matteo showed a series of photos of restored Rome Coliseum on Facebook on July,25. The coliseum without maintaining scaffold restores to the past glories.

As a little bit well-known documentary photographer, Matteo likes adventures and journey around the world and his touring photos have ever been included in U.S “National Geographic” magazine. However, as the indigenous Roman, he has always shown his special preference to Rome Coliseum and has ever managed to take photos for the coliseum under various light and shadow with different visual angles. “It seems that time has made this great architecture far more charming.” At the end of the first comprehensive restoration to the coliseum, Matteo, undoubtedly, kept in mind to take a series of photos in remembrance. From the photos, the net users found that the coliseum had undergone the huge restoration and there were obvious differences between its previous and current looks. But on the other hand, people all held the opinion that the maintenance was a must otherwise this great architecture would disappear. Dario Franceschini, the minister of Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Italy, said that “It could be estimated that the restoration to the internal part of the coliseum would be completed in 2018 during which Rome Coliseum would be used to hold various kinds of high-ceremony cultural activities such as the concert. But football match would not be allowed.”

It is worth mentioning that the photo in the office of staff at coliseum has also attracted net users’ attentions. Matteo said that this photo was taken when he was asking his friend Avienus, who has worked in coliseum, some details about the restoration to the coliseum. In this picture, we could find the splendid coliseum through the window and beside it is Haier air-conditioning applying cylindrical panel which not only featured with use value but also adding the art and decoration value, completely overturns public knowledge to the traditional packaged air conditioner.

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