Wuernazhen sang Drunken,Drunken in the Third Chinese Culture and Arts Festival in Cannes, France

Recently, with the grand opening of the Third Chinese Culture and Arts Festival in Cannes, France, the news that Chinese elements are blooming in France and conquering literary and art circles of Cannes, France became the focus of discussion. In the Chinese Culture and Arts Festival which closed on July 16, many famous celebrities from oriental performance circle showed the splendid Chinese culture in a foreign country. Among them, the singer, Wuernazhen, from Inner Mongolia, China, sang and danced to his song, Drunken, Drunken, which set off an upsurge of the Culture Festival.

As an important way of culture and art communication between China and France, the Chinese Culture and Arts Festival in Cannes, France, was a culture and art feast which was jointly sponsored by Culture and Art Exchange Center of France and China, municipal government of Cannes, France, and Cannes Film Palace. During the art festival lasting one week, masterpieces of Chinese art masters and excellent performance of performance artists gradually appear. “The subject of the Chinese Culture and Arts Festival in Cannes, France, is One Belt One Road in order to push the perspective of dialogue between east and west forward and mainly manifest the excellent parts of eastern and western cultures.” The ambassador counsellor for China to France, Li Shaoping, spoke highly of the positive meanings of the art festival.  


“Drunken today, Drunken on the green grassland, Drunken holding the saddle, Drunken in front of the Yunluo yurt.” During the singing section on the closing ceremony, the song, Drunken, Drunken, of Wuernazhen from Inner Mongolia, China, enchanted the audience. When people were applauding for his loud, rich and sweet voice, they also paid praising attention to the versatile young man.

Wuernazhen, a singer-songwriter from Inner Mongolia, orientated at songs from Mongolia grasslands since his debut and his loud, rich and sweet voice and unconventional performing style won him a lot of praise in that circle. With the release of his famous single, Drunken, Drunken, in 2013, Wuernazhen became a promising star in Chinese singer-songwriter circle. This time, he was invited to the Chinese Culture and Arts Festival in Cannes, France, not only because of the sponsor’s affirmation on his mature singing skills, but also because of the complete epitome of his brilliant artistic accomplishment.

“T’en vas pas(Encore)、T’en vas pas(Encore)” the angelic voice of Wuernazhen conquered the audience. In the frenzy retention, Wuernazhen reluctantly waved goodbye to the French audience.


“The art festival brings great pleasure to the French audience who love Chinese culture and positively influences the deeper communication of French and Chinese culture.” France also expressed great recognition of the Chinese Culture and Arts Festival, especially to Wuernazhen’s singing performance. “Wuernazhen’s singing introduces us to the real charm of eastern singing culture and the depth of Chinese culture and art.” A local audience who was watching his performance applauded enthusiastically for his excellence.


After the performance, many fans surrounded Wuernazhen asking for group photos and signature. “It is my first time to hear such a beautiful voice. It is great. Chinese singing is wonderful.” Having group photos taken, A young French audience thumbed up and praised him in front of the reporters.

Because there were too many audiences asking Wuernazhen for signature, he signed for half an hour after his singing, smiling all the way and satisfied various requirements of the audience. “When I see that the local audience is so fond of Chinese culture, I am very happy and I felt obliged and wanted to make efforts to promote Chinese culture elements to root in France.


With the wonderful performance of Wuernazhen on the Third Chinese Culture and Arts Festival in Cannes, France, Chinese elements became the hotspot during the art festival. While French audience was experiencing the true meaning of mysterious oriental arts, they also expressed their positive attitudes toward future development of art communication between China and France. “Wuernazhen’s singing, as well as various kinds of calligraphy, paintings, porcelains and other collections receives local people’s welcome.” Staff in Chinese Embassy in France said that with the positive development of the art festival, China craze would be heating up in France.


The group photo of actors, the president of Culture and Art Exchange Center of France and China, Tong Aiming, and deputy mayor of Cannes, Heathcliff, after the performance (The second person from left side in the front row is Wuernazhen)

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