Stokes International Offers Over 50 Products with Variations of the Maltese Cross

Stokes International offers over 50 different products with variations of the Maltese Cross to honour those who devote their lives to emergency service. 

MISSISSAUGA, ON – 7/25/2016 — Stokes International offers over 50 products with variations of the Maltese Cross.

Many have seen the symbol of the Maltese Cross, but few know its origins or meaning. The cross is made up of four arms that represent faith, justice, fortitude and temperance. The eight points of the cross represent observation, tact, resourcefulness, dexterity, sympathy, perseverance, discrimination and explicitness. All these qualities are vital for police, fire and emergency service workers.

Why is it called a Maltese Cross? The answer is steeped in history. Centuries ago, the Knights of St. John were at war with the Saracens over the right to possess the holy land. The Saracens had a secret weapon – fire. The knights, unfortunately, were unprepared for this new style of warfare. As they approached the city walls, they were doused with naphtha (a very flammable agent thrown on them from the Saracens on the city walls) and then set on fire thanks to the Saracen warrior’s flaming torches. As the knights burned alive in agony, their fellow fighters rushed to try and save them. Those knights are regarded as the first firefighters.

The knights that tried to save their comrades were awarded a cross to symbolize their honour and bravery and since the knights lived on the island of Malta, the symbol quickly became known as the Maltese Cross.

To this day, firefighters wear the Maltese Cross as a symbol of their bravery and devotion to helping their fellow man despite dangerous circumstances. Other emergency service providers, such as police and ambulance drivers, have since adopted versions of the cross to proudly display their courage and willingness to serve.

Stokes International, a company founded by a World War I veteran, knows that everyone who wears this cross shoulders a heavy burden – and often pays for that service with their life. That is why Stokes provides over 50 high-quality varieties of the Maltese Cross, so those in service can wear this badge with pride. The selection includes plaques, belt buckles, charms and pins in both silver and gold. Custom engraving is available on most of the products.

The Knights of St. John will never be forgotten, nor will the sacrifices of the brave men and women that protect and save us every day.

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Founded by World War I veteran W.S. Bill Stokes, Stokes International provides the highest quality of military, police, fire, EMS, 5.11 supplies, apparel and insignia. This Canadian company also sells recognition and distinction awards, ID badges, name tags, pins, decals and more. Since 1949, Stokes International has been pleased to provide these products to recognize and honour those in service.

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