Chachafruto: A South American hidden superfood.

A Colombian company got the organic certification for this legume.

Mr. Balu®, a Colombian organic brand, has just announced an all natural new product called “Chachafruto Mr Balú. Known as a giant bean, the chachafruto has been for years a hidden gem for south american people for its natural and nutritional properties “It is a very important supplement for celiacs, an excellent alternative for vegan diets and it’s very easy to prepare since this new presentation is powdered ” said the Cynthia Scarpini, the general manager of the firm.

It’s not all about coffee. During the last five years, Colombian agriculture has become very competitive with emerging super food and organic crops such as quinoa, amaranth and chachafruto across its fertile mountains.

The chachafruto will be soon entering Europe and North america markets with a non processed, gluten free and organic food as an excellent choice for health-concious consumers.

About us : Mr. Balú is a Colombian food brand that produces 100% organic chachafruto The company started when his founder discovered there was a giant bean in his flowers land. He shared all the good benefits with his relatives finding out that is has an incredible benefits among the people. That’s why he decided to get it to more people, so he dehydrated it and grounded so it can be stored. The chachafruto is growth among flowers and that creates a unique natural balance.

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Media Contact
Company Name: Zambranogroup SAS
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Phone: +571 4577095
City: Bogota
Country: Colombia