Los Angeles Start-Up Kobe Digital Takes an Early Lead

Local digital advertising firm Kobe Digital begins its rapid climb up the industry rankings

LOS ANGELES, CA – 7/26/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Kobe Digital, a Los Angeles-based digital advertising startup that specializes in growth-focused internet marketing, is off to a quick start.

The company, which launched earlier last month, is currently ranked as the #7 company for local SEO, the #7 company for digital marketing, and the #16 company for pay-per-click advertising, according to TopSEOs.com. TopSEOs is an independent organization that evaluates vendors in the internet marketing space based on a proprietary ranking methodology, customer demand, and industry trends.

Arya Bina, Kobe Digital’s founder and CEO, attributes the Los Angeles internet marketing company’s early success to its unique approach. “Most of our competitors have only been on one side of the table,” Bina says. “They’re really good at evaluating their own success, whether that’s by looking at social media followers gained or page views increased. But how much do those page views cost the customer? Do those pages have conversion rates that are high enough to cover those costs? We strive to become trusted advisors to our clients, understanding every part of their business just as well as they do, and design our campaigns in ways that only make good business sense for their ventures.”

Bina also credits the diversity of Kobe Digital’s team as a large factor in the company’s ability to make an impact on the industry as early as it has. Among its team are individuals with backgrounds in insurance, travel, graphic design, engineering, high finance, and, of course, marketing. By integrating the best practices of these industries into its advertising approach, Kobe Digital has been able to benefit from innovation at every turn.

“It’s tough to stand out as a Los Angeles marketing company,” Bina admits. “There are a lot of them here, both in terms of startups and more established firms. Our diversity and company values definitely help us distinguish ourselves. The challenge has been making sure that we can continue to communicate our unique value proposition to both our clients and our investors.”

The Los Angeles startup recently closed its first round of seed financing–a first for Bina, whose previous ventures were bootstrapped. “Our investors have shown a lot of enthusiasm and really believe in what we’re trying to do,” he says. “Most of them are business owners themselves and can sympathize with the hassle and headache that usually comes along with hiring marketing companies for SEO. They’ve been there themselves and are on board with our mission to change that experience, and we’re truly grateful for their support.”

As for what’s next for Kobe Digital, there’s still much work ahead if they hope to close the gap and continue to climb the TopSEOs.com rankings. For Bina, however, it’s important that his team doesn’t lose sight of the bigger picture. “To be featured on TopSEOs as early as we have is a great achievement, and we’re thankful for the recognition, but it’s crucial that we don’t lose sight of why we got into this business,” he warns. “Our focus remains on making internet marketing more accessible to small businesses and delivering the best results possible for our clients.”

Bina emphasized web design as the company’s next area of focus–he believes that Kobe Digital’s competitors charge too much for websites and that these fees bear too heavy a financial burden on growing businesses. “In today’s consumer environment, a great website is the single most important part of any business’s internet marketing strategy,” Bina stresses. “But because so many business owners don’t know anything about web design or what goes into it, marketing companies can get away with charging several thousand dollars for just a simple four or five page website built on a pre-existing template. For these companies, client service comes second to profit margins, and the small business owner pays the price. As with everything we do, we hope to change that.”

About Kobe Digital: Kobe Digital was founded by business people who seek to enable, empower, and enlighten small business owners through the use of digital marketing services. The company specializes in search engine marketing, social media, email campaigns, content marketing, web design, and more. Its unique team allows it to combine an entrepreneurial mindset, a proven track record of sales success, and an unmatched analytic capability to build the right campaign for every project, measure success factors, and exceed expectations.

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