Former Combat Photographer To Release New Short Film Thriller Come September

Upcoming short thriller “The Unseen” by former combat photographer Ty Turner and his company Flash Film Media is all about how Karma can be really messy at times even for into good deeds!
Are all good deeds rewarded and all bad deeds punished?  Well, not necessarily so always. Karma can actually be a Bi*** at times even for those into good deeds – and upcoming thriller “The Unseen” is all set to reveal this new uncovered quirky side of Karma very soon.
Shot by former combat photographer Ty Turner and produced by his photography/videography company Flash Film Media, this new short film is about to be officially launched come September.
The good bit is that Turner’s thrilling directorial venture is available for pre-order now and can be watched on Apple TV, iOS, Roku & Chrome cast. The film is shot in Dallas, Texas.
“I am excited to announce the upcoming release of our my new short film ‘The Unseen’ which means an exciting experience for all those on the lookout of some new out of the box thrilling moves on screen lately. We have always known that good deeds are rewarded but there can be another side of the story as well and this is what this gripping thriller is all about. It’s going to have its official launch on September 16 but you are all welcome to relish a pre-order immediately,” smiled Turner. A filmmaker by passion, the US military veteran has taken training to shoot movies and aspires to pursue his zeal big time. With a riveting tagline “Not every good deed goes unpunished,” the upcoming thriller-horror film is the story of 2 cash-strapped roommates who chance upon a lost shutter one fine morning.
With their beliefs firm in good karma, they return it to the owners only to meet with some unexpected reward- little did they know that their generosity could have them ending up with a huge mistake which will prove that not all good deeds go unpunished!
“The short film is the fruit of my ardent passion to shoot movies. I joined the US Army & risked my life to be a filmmaker. I got the opportunity to learn about photo and video which inspired me to leave my desk job at bell south and join a completely different career path at the age of 28.  But now that I am out, I am only moving forward, motivated by my dream of film making.”
Headquartered at Dallas,  Flash Film Media is a name of big repute across the American B2B multimedia service sector. The firm specializes in professional-grade photography & interactive video which supports its clients with creative marketing solutions for effective brand promotion & increased customer engagement. Turner’s team caters to both Fortune 500 and small scale enterprises.
“We are known for greater customer engagement & higher conversion rates for our clients, irrespective of their business size.”
To pre-order The Unseen, please visit and to know more about Turner & his company, click on

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