Anti Fatigue Mat Factory Helps Prevent Complications Arising from Prolonged Standing

While a lot of workers who stand for hours at a stretch develop muscle fatigue and many other complications, provides now an easy solution for killing fatigue in form of floor mats., a leading anti fatigue mat factory from Shenzhen, China, now sells and ships worldwide its anti-fatigue floor mats. A broad range of anti-fatigue mats are now featured on the ecommerce website of the China based manufacturer. The manufacturers said that prolonged standing can cause muscle strain and many other complications in security guards who work at banks, shopping malls and elsewhere and in any person whose job involves standing without much movement for hours at a stretch.

They claimed that their anti fatigue mat factory is committed to provide a definitive solution for preventing muscle fatigue and hundred other complications that arise from standing.  

The floor mat factory now mass-produces anti-fatigue mats that are available in different design and color options. These mats are manufactured in a way so they can reduce the fatigue which is caused by prolonged standing on a hard surface.

One senior executive of explained the benefits of using anti-fatigue mats to the press here in Shenzhen.

“These mats are great for reducing chances of foot disorders and lower limb disorders in workers who stand at a stretch for hours as a part of their jobs. Discomfort, fatigue, feet pain, and pain in lower limbs are directly attributable to prolonged standing. Using the right kind of floor mat is as important as equipping the worker with the right kind of footwear”, told the executive.

“Scientists are of an opinion that standing for hours together can be extremely stressful and tiring. We have, therefore, brought a wide range of snit-slip floor mats that are made of 100% bicast leather or pure leather. These mats can reduce chances of fatigue and the complications that arise from prolonged standing”, the executive claimed.

The professional China based floor mat manufacturer now has monthly output capacity of 900,000 mats and usually ships its products within 6-8 days. The CEO and managing editor of informed that they sold USD 30 million worth mats back in 2012. Also, he added that they are committed to answer customer enquiries promptly.

About the Company is a China based manufacturer of anti fatigue floor mats and other types of floor mats.

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