New X-Large Face Paint Kit Wins ‘Number 1 Best New Release’ Badge from Amazon

“The X-Large Face Paint Kit for Kids by AWESOME FUN”
The ‘AWESOME FUN X-Large Face Paint Kit’ product has really lived up to it’s awesome name since it’s recent release on, bringing face paint fun to children all over the USA.

As the latest new product release in the AWESOME FUN face paint range, this new extra-large kit is proving to be a real hit with Moms and Dads all over the US.  It has attracted rave reviews so far, due to the high quality of the face paint together with the great value provided by the sheer amount of paint.

A spokesperson from AWESOME FUN said

“We wanted to create a face painting set that was practical for parents to use at home, but of a higher quality than standard sets.  By creating a product with a sturdy carry case, this allows our customers to transport the kit more easily, and store it more safely.  This makes it great for special events and parties, and also provides better value as the kit is much longer-lasting than others on the market.”

A simple glance at the reviews back up this statement, with one reviewer stating

“In the past I always bought the cheap sets.  Well, there is a big difference between this set and the others. The paint goes on smoother and brighter. Just wet your brush and dab it in the color you want. You don’t need much at all. This kit will last a long time.”

Another reviewer commented

“These paints are much nicer than any others I’ve purchased. Just seeing and feeling the case told me that these would be nicer, and I was right. The colors are much more rich and high quality than others. There is a lot of paint in each little square. They go on smoothly and make bright, colorful pictures on their skin.”

By winning the ‘Number 1 New Release’ badge, AWESOME FUN face paint has really earned its spot amongst the top selling face paint brands on Amazon.  By offering more paint colors in the set, (12 in total), parents no longer have to mix colors to create new shades, making it much easier to use.  This also means the other paint colors won’t get spoiled, so you can re-use them at a later date.  The spokesperson said

“We found in our market research that parents wanted a large face paint kit that they could re-use over and over again, without having to re-purchase.  We have added features to this kit that enables parents to do exactly that.”

One reviewer commented

“I love the fact that they thought about how to put this kit together. It is in a tray, but each color also has a clear plastic lid to cover it. This will help it last longer and keep other colors from bleeding in.”

The set also comes with three brushes – one thick for great coverage, one fine for outlines, and one ultra-fine for exquisite detail.  A spokesperson stated

“Most kits only provide 2 brushes.  By talking to the parents that use face paint kits regularly, we found that most people think 2 brushes is just not enough.  Having an extra brush means you can create better designs and you don’t need to rinse out the brushes as often.”

Now a top-rated Amazon product, the ‘AWESOME FUN Extra-Large Face Paint Kit’ offers parents free online guidance on how to paint various designs on to their child’s face.  So you don’t have to be an expert – even beginners can be shown how to paint classic favorites such as bunny rabbits, tigers and butterflies!

As a parent’s first choice for safety, you can use this product on your child’s skin with no worries at all.  The ‘AWESOME FUN Extra-Large Face Painting Kit for Kids’ is a top quality product that has been fully approved by the FDA, as it is non-toxic, hypoallergenic and paraben-free.  And because it is water-based, it will wash off the face, body and clothes easily.

Now on special offer for a limited time, grab your face painting kit now while stocks last!

You can purchase your AWESOME FUN Extra-Large Face Paint Kit for Kids here.

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