iHealthFitness® launches revolutionary online fitness and nutrition program to lead people towards fulfilling a healthy lifestyle

iHealthFitness® has announced the launch of their online fitness & nutrition program that will allow anyone to stay healthy while on the go or from the convenience of their preferred location. The program will offer professional guidance and unique online tools in which the user can utilize to become and maintain healthy and fit. Considering the fact that in today’s world a lot of people don’t find time to go to the gym, iHealthFitness® has created this online program which can be accessed through a smart phone or any other smart device and from anywhere and anytime. In short terms, iHealthFitness® creates custom fitness and meal plans developed for any desired setting and any goal and delivers them digitally right to your fingertips!

To subscribe to the iHealthFitness® online program, the user can purchase any of the 4 main options and follow the activation steps. Individuals can access the mobile app and software which contains all the information related to their online fitness and nutrition program. After successful activation, one pre-assigned iHealthFitness® coach will consult the user and conduct a free consultation to assist in designing a complete health program customized to their needs and desires. Once the custom program is ready, the user will be notified through an iHealthFitness® message after which they can access all the information and begin their journey towards fulling a healthy life. Individuals who enroll in the Professional or Elite program options can also schedule weekly virtual fitness or nutrition coaching sessions to consult with a real, certified professional. Weekly coaching is designed to assist in keeping the user motivated, review progress, create weekly shopping lists, and if needed, alter the user’s program.

iHealthFitness® is a platform which connects a professional fitness or nutrition expert with any individual located anywhere. They can decide their fitness schedule as per their preferences and access the platform anytime. This unique software also allows the user to choose their fitness location as well as view video demonstrations of each prescribed exercise, which will help the user understand the methods and exercises in a better way. Another feature of the software allows the user to track their progress by recording weight, measurements, and uploading progress photos, from the beginning till the end of their program.

Moreover, these programs are available at a much cheaper price as compared to the conventional gym and health programs. The 3 main programs feature a starting price of just $49. Individuals who wish to fast forward right to their training can bypass the custom program options and explore 8 convenient iHealthFitness® Express templates, including Weight Loss, Custom Core, HIIT., and Tone and define that cost only $29 each.

More information about the iHealthFitness® programs as well as a list of popular goals can be found at www.ihealthfitness.fit

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