Boston-area writer releases newly published An Autumn to Fall focusing on living a triumphant life.

Eileen McMann has released her new book An Autumn to Fall amid superior initial reviews. This book, part comedy, part thriller, and part romance, is about how survivors survive.

WESTON, MA – 26 July, 2016 – Eileen McMann, a teacher, theater artist, and business broker in Boston’s Metro West, is announcing that her new book, An Autumn to Fall, has been released to the public. This story about coping with adversity could not be more relevant and needed as our current headlines get crowded with senseless killings while our leaders, who should be beacons out of this darkness, leave us floundering in their hate-speak. 

Eileen has brilliantly created an entertaining page-turner with realistic characters that engage the reader in a fun yet profound conversation.  What is our role in our own life disappointments?  Are we able to keep our humor and humanitarianism when all the lemonade around us is turning to lemons?   Although the novel touches on deeper moral issues, it is a laugh out loud romp about what can be gained when we are willing to change and grow.

Readers fall in love with the book’s quirky heroine, Ingryd Mayhew.  The plot centers around her season of crisis.  As a well-educated mother and wife from a small affluent Boston suburban community, her pursuit of happiness becomes derailed by the recession of 2008.  When things look like than cannot get worse, they do and Ingryd is presented with some difficult choices on how to move forward. 

She begins questioning her life.  Who am I?  What do I want?  How am I going to survive all of these setbacks?  And is there a God?   An Autumn to Fall takes the reader on a journey into the raw, private side of a woman under intense fire.

The antics and metamorphosis starts when Ingryd buys a new cell phone that comes with the bad history of the phone number’s previous owner.  From there, the 40’ish mother is sent on a coming-to-sage adventure that sees her refashioning her life using latent talents and connecting with a whole new entourage.

So many people fight change and would rather stay in a familiar but toxic rut.  Ingrid cleverly and humorously changes our perception of change.  She will leave you embracing the idea that there are no mistakes.

Reviews on An Autumn to Fall have been extremely encouraging. “I had the best weekend ever! Friends, Nantucket, and Eileen McMann’s book. This book is engaging, unique and indeed awesome. What a laugh and so inspiring; I have several quotes from the book on my mirror to keep me encouraged.”

Eileen McMann is a participant in the Metro-West Writers’ Meets and Wesleyan University’s Writer’s Conferences as well as a member of the mission board for Westgate Church.  She also has been known to crack up an audience with her stand-up comedy routine. 

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