Friends of Pulse Survivor Extending New-age Fashion Bracelet To Support Her

Three caring friends of a Pulse survivor are extending a new-age fashion bracelet through their company Layth White & Co to help her with the medical bills for the fracture she suffered at the deadly attack.

Maitland, FL – July 26th, 2016 – The whole US woke up in terror and agony on June 13th 2016 as the morning headlines arrived bombarded with the devastating news of Orlando shooting at the Pulse nightclub. One of the deadliest of hate crimes and terrorist attacks, the Orlando shooting incident on June 12th had 49 people killed and more than 50 people wounded. The entire nation is still struggling to recover from such an evil deed and probably the best way to recover here is through helping the Pulse victims to get back to the normal life.

Championing that very empathetic spirit, 3 friends (Sebastian Velez, Aerleen Dominguez & Alexander Ceballos) of a Pulse survivor are extending a new-age fashion bracelet through their company Layth White & Co and the profits garnered from the sale would be dedicated to support the brave survivor.

Accompanied by a solid “OrlandoStrong” tag, the latest Lava Rocks Healing Bracelet was approved by the Pulse survivor herself and then designed by

“One of our best buddies was one of the victims & lucky survivors of the heinous Orlando shooting incident last June. The evil act left her with a broken right hand as she was struggling to get away that night which also implies mounting medical bills. She is a smart young girl who has just started her college and the incident has been a huge setback for our friend. She now needs our support more than ever to get back to her feet and through this bracelet we are trying hard to raise some money that can help her with the huge clinical bills that she is subjected to now. We have designed the bracelet to her liking and a percentage of profit gathered from selling each of these bracelets would go to support her,” stated Sebastian, the loyal caring friend and founder of

Made up with small lava rock beads, the unique bracelet is a beautiful amalgamation of elegant simplicity and style. Its earthy look & the lion face render it a sturdy aura which duly complement the inspiring tag of #OrlandoStrong that accompanies the ornament.

Launched a few days after the Orlando incident, specializes in videography, photography & web design as well as high level trendy fashion products. The aspiring startup is based in Orlando.

“The tragic attack at Pulse had been extremely traumatizing for our friend and she now needs support from all of us to get back her strength and move on in life with a positive hope- a life that is full of love showered by her friends and the community.”

The Pulse survivor is overwhelmed by her friends’ effort to gather support for her in her dark times.

“I am so thankful for all you guys & the support,” read her tweet as came up with the bracelet.

To show your support for the Pulse survivor, get the Lava Rocks Healing Bracelet from

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