Announces New Partnership With Real Estate Agents Nationwide With ScoreApprove

WEST COVINA, CA – 26 July, 2016 – and ScoreApprove are jointly announcing a partnership in which the two companies will provide clients with access to a free Home Affordability Assessment and a free TransUnion credit score, both of which can be utilized by prospective homebuyers and real estate agents as a preliminary step in the process of purchasing real estate. is announcing a new partnership with ScoreApprove, with both companies asserting that the mutual partnership will yield beneficial outcomes for real estate agents and prospective homebuyers alike. In working together to provide a free Home Affordability Assessment along with a free Transunion credit score, prospective homebuyers will be able to set a realistic budget while real estate agents and loan officers alike will be able to ensure the homebuyers with whom they are working are qualified and operating within a realistic budgetary range.

In the newly announced partnership, ScoreApprove will supply prospective homebuyers with the Home Affordability Assessment along with a certificate documenting the home financing options for which the prospective homebuyer is likely eligible. will then supply the TransUnion credit score, providing the prospective homebuyer with the thorough level of understanding necessary when setting expectations with regard to their ability to borrow and the likelihood of securing approval from a lender. Whether the prospective homebuyer chooses to use Zillow or Craigslist, the partnership will ensure the buyers have the necessary tools and information to conduct a successful search.

“We are obviously quite excited to announce this new partnership between and ScoreApprove, as we believe this partnership will successfully fill a critical need within the marketplace,” said Alissa B. Davis with “We recognized that there previously existed something of a disconnect between the parties involved in the real estate process and felt that our partnership could vastly improve the vetting process. We believe that providing easy access to the free Home Affordability Assessment and TransUnion credit score will seriously benefit prospective homebuyers as well as real estate agents.”

The representative went on to add that the services made possible through this new partnership are available to homebuyers and realtors on an immediate basis. The newly available services have already generated positive returns among those who have taken advantage, with a host of agents and homebuyers agreeing that the preliminary step made possible through and ScoreApprove has succeeded in streamlining many aspects of the real estate process.


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