SINGER ISLAND, FL – 26 July, 2016 – Zoom Companies, Inc. (OTC:BB) a  publicly traded entertainment holding company,  symbol “ZMMM”,  through its wholly owned subsidiary “Pro Arena Rugby” (PAR), announces the sale of 100 membership interests  of an indoor Rugby Team located  in Las Vegas, Nevada.

PAR, which was acquired by Zoom Companies, Inc. July 15, 2015recently created its first rugby team, a Nevada LLC named the “Las Vegas Lucky 7’s” that will play its home games in an arena within the city of Las Vegas starting in June 2017 when PAR’s inaugural season officially kicks off. The Lucky 7’s will be one of eight teams that will participate in the leagues historic first season that will showcase the heart stopping action and excitement that is arena rugby.  

PAR is a corporation organized for the purpose of creating, establishing and organizing a professional indoor Rugby sports organization focused on a niche segment of the “alternative sports industry”  (the “Rugby League). The goal is to establish PAR as a global sports presence to capitalize on the expanding interest in aggressive sports by the prime 18 to 34 year old male demographic. The PAR business model is designed to leverage the attraction to fast-paced, aggressive and violent sports action by the targeted demographic. The viability and profitability of this niche has been proven in the past few years with the incredible growth and success of billion dollar enterprises like the UFC and X-Games.

PAR is currently offering a unique and exciting opportunity to accredited investors by selling 100 membership interests in the Las Vegas Lucky 7s, LLC. The cost per single interest is $13,000 for a 1% stake in the team. The $13,000 invested by 100 participants for a total of $1.3 million will pay for the team and one year of operational overhead which will include, but not be limited to the acquisition of 14 players, a coaching staff, exciting cheerleaders, and a management group. The League, operated by PAR, will handle all administrative duties, sponsorships and schedule player try- outs.

The sources of revenue to the team will be from: (1) sponsorships; (2) tickets sales; (3) official team merchandise; (4) food concessions; (5) television and Pay-Per View worldwide. PAR management believes that sponsorship of the team and games will give broadcasters and advertisers an effective and efficient way to tap into the enormous buying power and purchasing influence of the 18 – 34 year old male and female demographic in the same way that has proven successful with other alternative sports ventures. Management further believes that many of the same core elements driving the appeal and attraction of those sports are present in the PAR business model.

Rugby is an international sport that has been played worldwide for over 100 years and is competing in the 2016 Olympics for the first time since 1924. The sport is widely known and accepted for its nonstop action and bone-crunching hits and tackles that has been thrilling and entertaining spectators of all ages across the globe, including in over  100 US colleges featuring both men and women teams.

William Forhan CEO of Zoom and PAR states “Zoom is excited to create Professional Arena  Rugby, featuring the USA’s  best athletes that want to compete and entertain in 15 minute quarters, 7 vs.7 Rugby teams  for 12 weeks a year;  offering a Championship Game for the Victors. Rugby will be featured in Rio’s Olympics this summer, carried over to PAR’s inaugural season in 2017”

Mr. Forhan further stated “This truly could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for not just sports enthusiasts, but those with a keen business sense who enjoy the process of turning an investment into a profit as this is a chance to get in on the ground floor of what very well could be America’s next sports phenomenon, and for an incredibly practical investment amount.”

About Zoom Companies Inc.

(Zoom) is an OTCBB public Company; symbol “ZMMM.” The Company changed its name to Zoom Companies, Inc .on June 11, 2015 as well as its business plan to focus as an Entertainment Company. Zoom Companies, Inc. is a diversified holding company with several wholly owned subsidiaries. The company’s portfolio consists of four subsidiaries: Pro Arena Rugby, Inc. (official website to be launched soon) a professional indoor Rugby League; a fitness DVD known as Ballroom Dance Fitness( teaching Ballroom dance steps while exercising; a mini-orchestra of 14 musicians and four DIVA singers known as “The Great American DIVAS.”; in addition to its ownership of The Plaza Ballroom ( a 20,000 sq.ft. Entertainment venue that offers two locations for parties, wedding receptions, dance lessons and musical concerts.

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