Direct Processors Helps Companies Provide Better Security Against Fraud [CORRECTED]

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EMV credit card processing helps merchants protect customers against fraud while reducing their legal liability

Per the new mandate that went into effect on October 1, 2015, merchants are required to leverage EMV technology and accept chipped cards if they want to avoid financial liability stemming from credit card fraud. Direct Processors is helping companies provide better security against fraud by offering world-class smart chip technology.

The United States is the last of G20 countries to adopt EMV technology, and the rollout hasn’t exactly been a streamlined process. For instance, many consumers still aren’t aware of the benefits of chipped cards. When consumers use their chipped cards with EMV card readers, their transactions will take a little longer to process, but in the long run, they will be able to rest knowing their electronic data is more highly guarded due to EMV technology’s encryption.

Direct Processors recognizes that there are many businesses out there that have yet to make the change to EMV technology. The reasons for not transitioning are numerous, according to Direct Processors. Their team says that many merchants haven’t changed over because of costs, time, and a general misunderstanding of what the technology has to offer. The Direct Processors team is working with companies of all sizes by providing one-on-one assistance, cost-effective solutions, and best-in-class smart chip technology.

“Instead of the traditional credit cards, we are already providing terminals which recognize cards with a smart chip. The smart chip technology allows us to provide you with better security against fraud,” said the Direct Processors client care team.

Traditional credit cards allow hackers to easily clone electronic data, resulting in major breaches such as those reported in recent years by major retailers across the country. According to Direct Processors, the whole point of EMV technology is to stop hackers from easily accessing electronic data by providing encryption that is hard to break through. While EMV technology isn’t infallible, it does make it more time consuming and costly for hackers.

Protecting against fraud now means switching to EMV technology, and consumers and businesses across America are now beginning to really embrace the change. As the benefits of EMV technology become more and more apparent, shoppers are switching to smart chip technology, and merchants are largely being encouraged to do the same. Not only does the technology provide unparalleled protection against fraud, but it also enhances customer confidence.

As of November 2015, 167 million Americans had either received or would soon receive their first smart chip cards. For merchants who want to accommodate their customers and reduce financial liability due to fraud, Direct Processors recommends that companies go ahead and make the change.

The Direct Processors team is proud to work with companies across America by delivering EMV card reader service including startup and long-term maintenance.

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