National Card Solutions Partners with Retailers to Rollout EMV Technology [CORRECTED]

National Card Solutions
Premier credit card processing company strives to make transition, support flawless

EMV chip technology was first seen abroad years ago, but it has finally made its way to the United States. One credit card processing company, National Card Solutions, is striving to make the transition and ongoing support for EMV chips as simple as possible for retailers.

Retailers across the country who have yet to switch to EMV card readers could be held liable for some kinds of fraud, per the mandate that went into effect in October 2015. For this reason, more and more corporate entities are embracing the change. National Card Solutions recognizes that many of their clients aren’t sure about the inner-workings of EMV chip cards or why they’re beneficial. The client care team at National Card Solutions is on standby to work with clients who are new to the world of EMV or who are in need of ongoing support.

According to National Card Solutions, retailers are embracing the fact that switching to EMV raises the bar for their own customer care. Since EMV is considered a safer technology as far as security is concerned, retailers who offer the technology are getting high acclaim from customers. For companies, the switch to EMV can save money in the long run. Ahead of the EMV mandate, banks soaked up the cost of fraudulent transactions, but now, banks aren’t totally liable all of the time. If a fraudulent transaction occurs and a business doesn’t have EMV readers in place, they could be liable.

EMV readers raise the bar for credit card processing as well, according to the National Card Solutions team. While many retailers are still using old-style magnetic stripe card readers, more and more corporate entities are seeing the light when it comes to the benefits of switching over.

While EMV transactions generally take a few moments longer than old-style readers, yet they provide unparalleled level of security and protection against fraud and identity theft.

Not only does the transition to EMV mean a higher level of security for customers, but it also means there are new opportunities for new value-added applications. For retailers who choose to offer EMV readers, their customers see trusted, savvy sellers.

National Card Solutions provides a range of quality credit card processing services to help clients accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. “We guarantee fast and hassle-free credit card processing at competitive rates relative to your business type and size,” said the National Card Solutions team.

Other services include PIN and signature debit card processing and gift cards.

The highly rated credit card processing company also offers 24/7 client support to offer assistance with ongoing EMV concerns, as well as guidance for clients who are just transitioning to EMV readers. The company makes it easy for clients to message or call and receive timely assistance from an expert staff.

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