San Francisco Grillz Company Profits Due To Growth Of Grillz In Fashion

San Francisco CA – San Francisco Jewellery Company Custom Gold Grillz are today proud to announce a record sales quarter of their popular Teeth Grillz. The company which has taken advantage of the current craze in fashion of Gold Teeth Grillz seem to have read the market correctly and are well positioned to take advantage of the unstoppable growth in the industry. Custom Gold Grillz had done their research and predicted that following the rap stars enthusiasm for Grillz this could turn into a craze amongst the general public. As predicted Gold teeth grillz are now a new fashion trend and due to positioning themselves ahead of the craze they are well placed to benefit further from it. The cost to get a gold tooth can vary wildly but Custom Gold Grillz can cater for every eventuality.
“We had a good idea that Grills could turn into a craze,” said Garv Leet the owner of the company. “But so far even we have been surprised and delighted by the growth of the business. Last month was our best quarter ever, and we are reasonably confident that things will continue to grow at this pace. The appetite for Custom Grillz is unstoppable and is the current big trend in fashion today. We have our designers working at full speed to come up with exciting and innovative new designs, and we are so excited about some of the new products we are about to launch, keep watching this space. One of the most frequent questions we get asked is “Are Teeth Grillz Permanent? And the answer is entirely up to the customer; everything is an option.”
Custom Gold Grillz is a family run business based in San Francisco California. They design and manufacture gold teeth and Teeth Grillz. They have a wide variety of choice all of which can be seen at their website

Media Contact
Company Name: Custom Gold Grillz
Contact Person: Garv Leet
Phone: (415) 580-0708
City: San Francisco
State: CA
Country: United States