First Full Type C USB 12-Port Charging Station by Coolgear

CLEARWATER, FL. – 27 July, 2016 – Coolgear Inc., a versatile computer peripheral manufacturer and seller of computer related components announce their new 12-Port Type-C USB Charging Station.

Coolgear is introducing the only full type-C USB charging station of its kind to its product inventory. This Charger utilizes 12 Type-C ports as a charging point to your compatible USB devices. The Charging station not only uses LED indicators, it sports an LCM display for charging status information.


While mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets are still being manufactured to accommodate Type-C USB technology, CoolGear has taken the steps necessary to be ready for your charging needs when you are.

12 ports of USB type-C technology to charge your iPhone, iPad, Tablet or other mobile device quickly and with visible charging status through an LCM display for port output  current, scanning time, and charging status. The Type-C USB charging station’s power comes from a DC12V-20A (240W) power adapter connection from your conveniently located wall outlet and is compliant with USB Type C Spec 1.2 & USB battery charging spec 1.2.

A scanning feature every 30 seconds allows the charger to determine the charging status of any device connected. It is also equipped with 15Kv over-current protection and 8Kv ESD protection, it supports 40A (5/50ns) & Peak Pulse Power 250 W (8/20 us) Surge and Transient spikes protection on each port.

Type-C USB Charging Station Features:

• Supports Downstream Facing Port (DFP).
• Compliant with USB Type C Spec 1.2 & USB Battery Charging Spec 1.2
• Enables to provide up to 5V 3A (USB Type C Current Mode) output current on each port;
• Supports MacBook, the iOS, Android devices.
• Intelligently detects the power current of each port by the sensing meter with firmware.
• Provides Auto Scan monitoring; default setting: scans one port at every 30 seconds.
• The rear fans spec: SUNON Vapo DC Fan; Life Expectancy: 60,000 hours.
• Enables to start/cut off the fans automatically according to the temperatures setup.
• Supports Over-Current Protection and ±15kV (air), ±8kV (contact) ESD protection on each port.
• Supports 40A (5/50ns) & Peak Pulse Power 250 W (8/20 us) Surge and Transient spikes protection on each port.

About CoolGear:

Located in Clearwater Florida, CoolGear Inc. has been developing, manufacturing, and providing premier computer peripherals since 1997. The company’s success in providing to Aerospace, Education, and Consumer Industries has launched it into being a number one supplier of industrial USB component products on the Internet today. CoolGear products are shipped worldwide to destinations around the globe while continuing to develop advanced technology, manufacture quality products, and testing out new ideas and concepts for computer technology and its advancements.

For more information on CoolGear, Inc., please visit CoolGear, Inc.

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