ChalkTastic Chalk Marker Pens Achieve the Half-Yearly Sales Target.

ChalkTastic informs that their flagship product ChalkTastic Chalk Marker Pens have successfully achieved the sales target for the first half of the year 2016. This useful chalk-based accessory has received more than sixteen hundred Amazon reviews in just over one year.

27th July, 2016 – ChalkTastic is pleased to reveal that their top rated Amazon product Chalk Marker Pen has achieved the company’s sales target for the initial half of the year. It is relevant to mention here that these chalk markers have already emerged as a highly preferred product in the world’s largest online marketplace with sixteen hundred plus Amazon reviews. This product is also an Amazon bestseller at present. ChalkTastic is currently offering a handsome discount and many other additional benefits to the Amazon shoppers purchasing their Chalk Marker Pen.

Different types of chalk based accessories are extremely popular these days as an alternative to the traditional markers. A specialist in delivering high-quality product made of chalk, ChalkTastic has come up with versatile chalk pens that can be used to write on any non-porous surface. Being non-toxic and odorless, parents can allow their kids to use these pens without any worry at all. Many teachers have also used these markers as a teaching supply with great satisfaction. The reversible tips of the pens allow users the freedom to use them for both rough and detailed work.

In her Amazon review, a recent user mentions, “We used these markers this year to decorate our van for Ragnar along with another set we borrowed from a friend. These markers performed much better, were brighter and lasted longer than the other brand. It sprinkled in the night, and both sets bled, but decorations made with the other markers nearly slid entirely off our van while these just dripped. They are super bright, easy to use and washed off great. We’ll save them to use for future Ragnar decorating. This is a great set of markers for car windows (which is how we used them). In dry conditions, you’ll love how these bright markers perform.”    

Highlighting the product’s impressive sales figure, a senior official from ChalkTastic stated, “Our Chalk Marker Pens have never let us down in terms of sale. We are grateful to all the Amazon buyers for making this product what it is today. We also promise to do everything we can to keep all of you satisfied.”

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