CryoSend Begins Shipping Embryos and Sperm to Russia for Surrogacy Patients

Tokyo, Japan – Russia has become a popular destination for infertile couples seeking surrogacy services. CryoSend, a Tokyo based cold-chain shipping company, has announced that they will begin an IVF shipping service to and from Russia. CryoSend has a focus on assisting the IVF community with frozen shipping needs – transporting embryos, sperm and eggs. Their new service to Russia has been created in response to demand for shipping IVF specimens for surrogacy purposes in various parts of the country. For fragile shipments of this nature, CryoSend offers a Personal Courier Hand-Carry Service, which ensures that each shipment arrives safely and on time.

Surrogacy is an important option for couples who are looking to become parents, but are unable to have children on their own. Couples often seek surrogate mothers in countries like Russia, where surrogacy is legal and accepted. There are various programs in Russia, ranging from major clinics in Moscow to smaller clinics in the far-east region. Russia has not been in the forefront of surrogacy, however, since countries such as Nepal, Mexico and India have closed their doors to surrogacy, infertile couples and their agents are looking for new options. According to John Loewen, CryoSend’s Business Development Manager, “CryoSend is happy to assist couples in transporting their IVF specimens such as embryos, sperm and eggs for surrogacy purposes. Our current customers seeking to ship their IVF embryos to Russia are primarily from the Asia-Pacific area” According to Loewen, CryoSend has been shipping IVF biomaterials since 2009 and has experience shipping to countries such as the United States, Canada, India, South Africa, Mexico, Thailand and Nepal.

CryoSend adheres to the Good Distribution Practices protocols and guidelines, which helps to give their clients peace of mind, knowing that their samples are in good hands throughout the journey. The company has been using their CryoSend Shippers – vapour-based dry shippers – to transport biological materials since 2009. When it comes to shipping biomaterials, CryoSend has experience working with IVF patients and clinics, bio-pharmaceutical companies, research labs and animal breeding facilities.

For particularly fragile shipments, such as embryos and sperm, clients often take advantage of the hand-carry service available from CryoSend so that they can be sure their shipment is given the utmost care and attention. “We provide our clients with peace of mind with all of their cryogenic shipping needs,” explains Loewen. “Surrogacy can be a stressful process for couples. CryoSend helps to ease some of that stress by providing a safe and reliable shipping services for their genetic materials. With our hand-carry service, you can be sure that your samples are going to reach the destination clinic safely. We encourage anyone who is thinking about shipping their IVF sample for surrogacy purposes to contact us to learn about the best options for them.”

Based in Japan, CryoSend has recently announced that they will begin shipping human embryos, sperm, and eggs to Russia as part of their services for the IVF community. CryoSend is also able to assist IVF clinics and patients in other parts of the world through their partnerships with reliable companies in North America, Europe and Southeast Asia.

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