DDTank Mobile New Version 2.3 is Coming Soon

GOOD NEWS! DDTank Mobile is about to release version 2.3 in August with two new systems: Charm system and Socket Gem. And also lots of new Equipment items and maps!

DDTank Mobile New Version 2.3 is Coming Soon

DDTank is a unique combat game, with a cute anime style and RPG elements that challenge you in an enjoyable way. It certainly isn’t a traditional shooter! DDTank Mobile is the official mobile version of DDTank and it preserves the players’ favorite original shooting action and PVP gameplay.

DDTank brings a totally new experience with the worldwide cross-server in its 2.0 update in March. But there also were some complains from the players about the new Enchantment system and its interface. Game Hollywood was quick enough to catch on the player’s discomfort and rushed to fix and restructure the system following the player’s feedback. The New Version 2.3 adjusted this feature and also fixed other issues to make the gaming experience fit their player’s needs. Check out the new version and tell us what you think about it!

[Socket Gem]

After reaching Level 25, players will be able to socket any jewels in Fashion, Hair, Eye, Face and even Decoration items in order to increase their power Stats. There are five kinds of Jewels players can use to increase their Stats. Red for Attack, Blue for Defense, Green for Agility, Yellow for Luck and Purple for HP. Unlike the Enchantment system, Gem Socketing System has a 100% success rate!

[Charm system]

The new Charm system in DDTank Mobile Version 2.3 will allow you to send roses to your friends to increase their Charm points! The players who have the most roses in the rankings will receive rewards every week.

For this new version of DDTank Mobile we’ve taken player’s demands into account in order to create the perfect game experience!

Also, DDTank Mobile celebrated its first anniversary in June 23th. Players have been supporting and participating in the community for a long time, and they pretend to stay! As the player Wendy Uyen Nguyen lets us know in the comment section of DDTank Mobile’s Facebook: “I just wish DDTank will be the best game someday! Thanks to all the people that created and work for DDTank. I wish the best for you. And since its DDTank’s birthday I won’t ask anything for myself. I’m already having a good time!”.

What kind of surprises will DDTank Mobile bring us next? For now we will have to wait until August for the new version.

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