Octa-core TV Dongle from NEXBOX Online and Buy Android 5.1 Rockchip RK3368 TV Stick at Discount Price Now

NEXBOX 809VI, an Octa-core TV Dongle featured Android 5.1 Rockchip RK3368, has been hot these days. This model is the market’s first Octa-core RK3368 TV Dongle or Stick, and it is now available at Amazon at a discount price.

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According to TVBoxNews.com, NEXBOX 809VI is the latest version of 809 series TV Dongle in 2016. This smart Android TV Dongle will bring users much fun. They can greatly enjoy videos, music, photos, etc and install or uninstall software, games and application programs. All an user needs for NEXBOX 809VI is an HD TV with HDMI port & Fast Broadband service with WiFi capability.

Here are some spotlights of NEXBOX 809VI:

No.1 Octa-core TV Dongle

NEXBOX 809VI is the first Octa-core TV Dongle or Stick in the market. People can find many TV Dongles in the market, but there are no Octa-core TV dongle yet.

Faster and Smart

NEXBOX 809VI is small, but very powerful. This model is beautifully designed, and its octa-core CPU RK3368 is attracting enough. This model combines the octa-core processor with 2GB RAM, and 8GB flash.

Android 5.1

NEXBOX 809VI runs Android 5.1 just like all other RK3368 devices. With this product, people can greatly enjoy videos, music, photos, etc. and install or uninstall software, games and application programs easily.

Smart TV + Internet

Once plugged in, NEXBOX 809VI provides internet to your Smart TV via your home Wi-Fi. This allows you access to internet based services, such as on demand films, catch up TV and internet applications such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, without the need for wires.

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Moreover, 2G/8G setting NEXBOX A95X (a popular Android 6.0 TV Box with S905X chipset) is also on sale now.

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