D-Mometer and TAM-Network Devices Provide Around the Clock Monitoring of Temperatures, Ensuring Food Safety

In our interconnected and high media exposure world, a single negative incident can be a disaster for a restaurant or hotel. A single case of food poisoning from an improperly prepared meal can quickly snowball into lasting black mark against the dining establishment, leading to its demise. In the U.S., there are almost 76 million illnesses each year related to foodborne contagions, which result in 325,000 hospitalizations and 5,000 deaths. That is why food temperature monitoring has become imperative in the food service industry.

A new set of devices engineered by Dominick Tamborra , Founder of RMD Technologies will provide 24/7 monitoring of refrigerators and freezers. These include stand-alone D-Mometer food monitoring devices as well as cloud-based TAM Network devices, which not only monitor food temperatures continuously but also provide immediate alerts to designated users through emails, texts or voice. These patented devices provide around-the-clock protection that your eatery needs to maintain an unblemished record.

In addition to monitoring food temperature, these devices can be programmed to provide a history of food temperature. This temperature data is automatically exported to the cloud and is available to users through their internet-ready devices from virtually anywhere and anytime. With this data, food preparers can instantly detect if refrigeration faltered, allowing food to warm into the Food Danger Zone of 41 degrees to 134 degrees, and take the appropriate action.

These easy-to-use and install devices are likely to quickly become industry standards, but RMD Technologies is offering their products at a steep discount through their Indiegogo campaign, before demand skyrockets. You can find a variety of restaurant packages that include the Digital 232 D-Mometer, TAM-Network, D-Mometer 232-Freezer, D-Signal Repeater, white glove custom activation, or up to two years of free monitoring services.

To learn more about D-Mometer and TAM-Network devices or to reserve your own, please visit https://goo.gl/OT6PGn

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