The Effect of Censorship on Individuals and Companies Online

The internet has evolved and gotten more sophisticated over the course of the past 10 years or so, likewise the many different censorship methods that are put in place to limit or thwart activities that supposedly seem to be a problem to people that have the power and authority to enforce rules and the likes.

Here is the reality; internet censorship has more disadvantages, more evils than good. Everyone of those censorship laws, bills if successfully passed and enacted would cripple the creativity on the internet and destroy millions of businesses and render persons making their income online jobless. China is a sordid example of truncation of free-speech as a result of internet censorship.

People have the right to express themselves. Equally, on the flip side of things, the legal right to hear anything they wish or might want to, irrespective of what the subject is.

Due to this existential threat of censorship, a lot of movements and programs have sprung up to remonstrate against internet censorship providing solutions for individuals and companies to have safe and uncensored internet user experience.

One such strong voice and solution is available  is LibertyVPS. Censorship has had a choking grip on e-money transfer over the past two decades. For this reason, guys at LibertVPS support and advise internet users to employ the use of crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin, due to the freedom and safety benefits that can be derived.

Such companies are committed to helping and providing internet users safe and uncensored internet access by removing website blocks and securing user privacy. They are the glimpse of hope that can be seen in the future of cyber freedom.

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