SuperChalks: A New Way To Have More Color And Beauty

Precision Kitchenware announces the launch of its new product, SuperChalks.

SuperChalks are high-quality liquid chalk marker designed to create beautiful and dust free impressions on non-porous surfaces. The bright colored liquid chalk markers have a 4mm precision tip and comes in a pack of twelve pieces. The chalk pens are versatile and can write on any non-porous surface, including chalk labels, mirrors, glass and even metal.

People have different reasons for using liquid chalks, some people use it to leave messages on the mirror at home, some use them to make decorations on glass windows throughout the house. There’s endless uses for SuperChalks, just make sure you use them on a non-porous surface and the high quality liquid chalk is smudge and mess free unlike chalk.

“These are my favorite chalk markers. I use them for everything. I am so excited about the expanded color options in the 12-pack.” Says Stef King.

“Love the variety, looks good. Fun to have. Does get messy when it runs (I was using on sliding glass door).” Says Mutki.

“They Work Great! I use them on glass and the jar labels in my kitchen.” Says Amazon Customer.

SuperChalks are designed to be used on non-porous surfaces; it can’t be used on chalkboards. The liquid chalk is very easy to clean up, all you need to do is wipe a damp cloth over it to clean it off without any smudge or mess on any non-porous surface.

SuperChalks can be purchased on Amazon Store.

About Precision Kitchenware

Precision Kitchenware sells a range of kitchen accessories as well as liquid chalk markers. We sell the chalk markers under the brand name SuperChalks which was created by Precision Kitchenware.

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