Upcoming premium credit repair software Credit Engine offering free software download to first 500 Users

Upcoming premium credit repair software Credit Engine is presently offering a free download facility through its website. The software assures all needed tools and guidance to achieve 700 Credit score in an affordable way.

Dallas, Texas – July 27th, 2016 – The contemporary recession-hit economy has made it almost impossible to maintain a good credit score for average Americans. But with demands & aspirations skyrocketing, loans are an essential today which call for a thorough credit restoration that again can be an expensive affair given the many “fly by night” companies looking to take money from people already struggling. However, the situation is not that gory and upcoming premium credit repair software Credit Engine is presently offering a free download facility – ensuring an affordable route to a better financial future.

Credit Engine is currently running a prelaunch contest where the software would be offered for free download to first 500 people.

“Are you struggling to scale up your credit score and hesitant to take professional help given the usual exorbitant rates? Well, we feel you and keeping your struggles in mind we are presently offering a FREE download of our premium-grade credit repair software so that you can mend your credit issues in a more convenient way. The free privilege is open for the first 500. So, what are your waiting for? Your key to that perfect 700 Credit Score is just a click away!” stated Stoney Williams, the Marketing Director of Credit Engine.

Based in Dallas, Texas, Stoney’s firm has extended the free download facility to the whole of USA. Credit Engine would be officially launched come September.

According to studies, around 77% of American that have some form of inaccuracy on their credit reports but they are usually unsure on where to turn for help. The free download facility would thus mean a huge deal for the average Americans showing them an affordable route to an improved financial future where they can seamlessly enjoy the standard pleasures life has to offer.

It was the troubled financial stance of his near and dear ones post-recession that inspired the idea of a high quality and affordable credit repair software in Williams. The software is designed to guide the users with all the necessary & advanced tools as well as consultation essential to better the credit score to a standard level.

“Mostly, the industry is stuffed with scammers looking to take advantage of innocent people trying hard to get back on track after the devastating effects of recession. Americans are already struggling with inflated interests, rent, insurance premiums etc. and pricey credit repair consultation on top of that is only increasing their burden. Thus, the idea of Credit Engine was born to assure the much-needed relief to all those troubled by negative information on their credit reports in a more relaxed & affordable way. With our free download facility, you will have all needed tools & guidelines essential to correct your credit score without any pressure on your pocket.”

To download Credit Engine for free, please visit http://launch.creditengine.io.

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