Hotel Marketing: Giulio Gargiullo Shows the Luxury of St. Regis Hotel of Rome, Italy With Drones

As the Online Marketing Manager between Italy and Russia, Giulio Gargiullo, who is committed to various luxury sectors of the world, displays the prestigious 5-star St. Regis Hotel in Rome thanks to the drones of a company that he presented.

ROME, ITALY – 27 July, 2016 – Thanks to these professional drones, Giulio Gargiullo, the Online Luxury Marketing Manager with decades of experience between Italy and Russia as well as at an international level in the luxury sector, reveals the beauty of the exclusive 5-star St. Regis Hotel, one of the most exclusive hotels, located in the heart of Rome, Italy.

Thanks to Giulio Gargiullo, a team of professional photographers and drone experts filmed the Grand Russian Ball. This event is yearly held in Rome and is the point of contact between Italy and the Russian Federation. The event, which was held on Saturday, January 9, 2016, was organized by Yulia Bazarova of “Eventi-Rome” and by the National Company of Historic Dances, which is directed by Nino Graziano Luca.

Thanks to Giulio Gargiullo, the encounter and collaboration with the famous consultancy company was successful; a company linked to drones and professional filming with a notable background in cinematographic filming. Giulio Gargiullo brought the drones to the St. Regis Hotel as a way to display the uniqueness and beauty of the event that was held in halls filled with marble, Murano glass chandeliers and prestigious atmospheres, where the Russian and Italian elite mingled and danced in wonderful nineteenth-century costumes.

The drones flew inside the luxurious halls of the St. Regis where, from different angles and perspectives, they filmed the preparations and the actual Grand Russian Ball itself. The gala event included dances in nineteenth-century costumes where numerous guests and celebrities such as Albano Carrisi attended, along with consultative authorities. The team of specialized experts in drones and aerial footage showed the famous hotel in all of its splendor, which is characterized by marble, crystal, history and its historic rooms and halls.

Giulio Gargiullo, the Digital Luxury Marketing Manager, stated: “The video footage carried out by the drones and all of the applications linked to these aircrafts opens up infinite possibilities for the promotion of events such as these, in the marketing of hotels or any other element that needs a different perspective, far from the one that we are used to seeing, a perspective with breathtakingly high-definition images.”

The focus of the event at The St. Regis Rome was the Ritz Room, which owes its illustrious name to Cesar Ritz, the “king of hotel managers” and founder of this remarkable architectural gem in the Eternal City. The Ritz Room is a 276 square meter lavish ballroom, an ideal setting for the most exclusive and memorable of events. The Ritz Room can accommodate up to a maximum of 480 guests, thanks to the use of the adjacent rooms and several equally lavish rooms available in the building.

Giulio Gargiullo who has worked between Italy and Russia and around the world for years, states: “It is really a pleasure and honor to participate in the Grand Russian Ball again. It is definitely a symbolic event of cultural relations and friendship that characterizes the long history between the two countries. I did my best to bring together the technological excellence and filming professionalism of these experts because they are great professionals who know how to show beauty with breathtaking images, from different points of view that we are not used to.”

The fourth edition, sponsored by the National Company of Historic Dances of Nino Graziano Luca, by “Eventi-Rome” of Yulia Bazarova and by Paolo Dragonetti De Torres Rutili of the Association of Friends of Great Russia, was dedicated to the great Russian poet Mikhail Lermontov.

The event was also sponsored by the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Italy, the Italo-Russian Dialogue Forum of Civil Society, the “Rossotrudnichestvo” Russian Center of Culture and Science, by the “Center for the Development of Italy/Russia Relations” Foundation, by the Chaine des Rotisseurs DIGA and by the City of Rome.

Amongst the leading partners of the evening were PrimaCertificate of Inga Primac, which certifies that welcome and accommodate Russian and Russian-speaking tourists.

Amongst the many events of the evening was also “A Masquerade Ball,” interpreted by the famous Russian director and actor, Nikolaj Burlyaev, while the actress and singer, Marina Orlova, played the role of Nina Arbenina.

While the main room was used for the ball, in one of the adjacent rooms an exclusive gala dinner was held, in which delicious dishes and beverages such as the “Calvisius” black caviar and the original “Mamont” Vodka from Siberia were served.

Giulio Gargiullo is the Online Marketing Manager that for many years has worked between Italy and Russia and at an international level with companies and other leading facilities linked to different sectors in the domain of luxury. Giulio Gargiullo speaks Italian, Russian and English and is involved in bringing new customers and business opportunities to companies worldwide through advanced business activities and digital marketing. He is also responsible for building privileged relations between business partners.

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