New Environmentally Friendly Pavement Maintenance Company in Orlando Area!

Ocala, Fl USA – July 25, 2016

 We are pleased to announce that TriTechnologies is now providing our revitalizing rejuvenator to the greater Orlando area. TriTechnologies has 30 years’ experience specializing in green pavement maintenance technologies. We are committed to empowering clients to make informed decisions about their pavement maintenance actions and are proud to provide educational presentations to whomever is interested in learning what technologies and options are available for asphalt maintenance.

Our revitalizing Asphalt Rejuvenator was developed by the Army Corp of Engineers over 40 years ago and is manufactured in a certified environmentally friendly facility in the USA. The Asphalt Rejuvenator injects needed oils back into the pavement surface that were lost through oxidation and weathering. It reverses the chemical age of the asphalt surface by four years while providing a surface seal to guard the revitalized roadway from the harmful effects of weathering and oxidation. It achieves chemical balance in the binder and maintains the pavement’s original flexibility. 

Because of the extraordinary properties, we are proud to provide a Four-Year Performance Warranty. The moment it leaves the plant, asphalt begins to oxidize. The weathering effects of sunlight, air, and water accelerate asphalt aging, ultimately resulting in faded, raveling and cracked pavement. Subsequent repairs, such as overlays, are inevitable and costly. The effectiveness of the penetrating asphalt rejuvenation has been repeatedly proven through independent studies and assessments. After years of research, it remains the only technology available that has the ability to reverse the asphalt aging process. Globally, more than 100 billion yards of asphalt pavement have been protected and restored using asphalt rejuvenation.

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