International Reserve System opens a way to the stable financial success

27 July, 2016 – International Reserve System is an actively growing community of people driven by one main goal – the creation of an alternative financial system controlled by Society itself, excluding any kind of financial monitoring by state.

The payment unit we use here at IRS is Bitcoin. After its creation in 2009, Bitcoin was and yet is the first and the most common, secure and popular cryptocurrency in the world. This goes in line with IRS key principles – security, stability, financial profit.

Right now Bitcoin is used by 70 million people around the world. While the number of users is growing, the value of Bitcoin increases as well.

This is why our aim is to attract 1 million users a year to join International Reserve System, and, thus, to increase each member’s profit by increasing the Bitcoin value in 4 times.

Why join IRS?

Our members use funds deposit distributed network.

International Reserve System works with the major language groups: English, Chinese, Spanish.

We work with the most popular cryptocurrency – Bitcoin.

How you can earn with IRS?

You can join International Reserve System as a community member and earn up to 300% a year.

Or you can join us as a partner and earn both from your personal savings and from referrals.

What is the first step?

To join IRS and start working with the most secure cryptocurrency, which grows in its value everyday, you can purchase one of our Start Packages. 

Interested parties can learn more about International Reserve System by visiting our website at Here users will find materials and sign-up options that will help them to start using the system for further financial profit.

Learn more about IRS and join our community today.

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