3 Principal Benefits of A Virtual Private Server

“Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are saving entire online communities from downtime, excessive markup, and online attackers, making them the clear choice for any web-based company.”

July 28, 2016 – Despite the developing popularity of virtual private servers many are sadly unaware of the benefits. The wide-reaching advantages, encompassing increased privacy, customization, reliability, and control. There are even moral benefits to choosing a virtual private server as the efficiency of a virtualized server leaves a lighter carbon-footprint than a traditional dedicated server. All of this and more to bring businesses a far superior platform. To appreciate the excellence of a VPS and to allow informed decisions between other server options various benefits must be better defined.

Increased Stability and Reliability:

Private servers are the future and shared servers will be dusted for this inbuilt reason: hosting companies over-sell shared servers. Shared servers can become overburdened at any moment with little forewarning to any users. These uncontrollable drops in performance put any server-owner in a precarious position. A virtual private server provides a simplistic solution. By merit of a private server any VPS client is invulnerable to a shared-server-user crashing the shared server with a simple mistake. In turn VPS users are guaranteed maximal uptime, saving any client money over time.

The Ability To Scale and Resize:

This factor is a deal-maker for up-and-coming online businesses. The sheer variance of online traffic that younger websites experience can cause need for rapid resizing of server ability. This is the task that a virtual server was designed to accomplish. When using a VPS hosting service, the servers are restricted in size only by a virtual ‘container’. The size of these containers is dependent on the package purchased. Due to the abstract notion of these containers extra processing power can be added in an instant with minimal to no downtime. Compare this speed to a shared server. When encountering an influx of visitors on a virtual private more processing power can be virtually installed with a click while a shared server would require a physical installation and needless downtime.

Affordable For Even the Smallest Sites

As new technologies and techniques, such as snapshot processing advances and fluid migration processes, arise and bring efficiency gains the cost of virtual private system fall. Another benefit augments the affordability of virtual private servers: the scalability. The ability to scale allows small businesses to pay only for what they need. This is only added to by the minimal manual upkeep that a virtualized system requires. Nowadays a significant number of companies are attempting to go offshore to seek more security and privacy of their date. As a result, many hosting companies are now offering the option of improved privacy, but only a portion of them offer complete security from government access. A well established hosting provider known as LibertyVPS provides completely private systems in offshore that expose no personal data to government agencies and utilizes Bitcoin transactions for optimal safety.

Things to Look For in Server Hosts

Server hosts can vary greatly in hospitality and quality, so it is important to understand sellers before purchasing. Some pitfalls of companies will try and cut their expenses by limiting transfer rates or exercise outrageous markup on their intangible products. An optimal hosting company is the one that provides guarantees of a full gigabit port, uncapped to ensure speed is not artificially limited. Additionally, offshore servers provide maximum privacy for any virtual private system, no matter the client, and that’s another important factor to consider.

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