Jeonju City, participating in ‘CFK Valley Convention’ Advertising Jeonju Carbon Valley

Exhibition of carbon composite materials representing Europe

image: Deputy Mayor Bongup Jo who had participated in ‘CFK Valley Convention Event’open in Starde, Germany are talking about carbon and culture of Jeonju.

The ‘bridge’ has been brought down for carbon companies in Jeonju areas to step forward to European markets of carbon composite materials.

Participating in ‘CFK Valley Convention Event,’ which was being progressed from 12th to 18th in Starde, Germany, advertising about Carbon Valley of Jeonju and providing bibimbaps of Jeonju as special dishes and so on, Jeonju City reported that it had strived to inform the others about carbon industry and Jeonju culture.

’CFK Valley Convention 2016 (CFK Valley from here below),’ which was celebrated to be 10th this year, is the exhibition of carbon composite materials representing Europe. Approximately, 21 nations, 30 comapnies and 500 guests were invited to this event.

Jeonju City sent the delegation with Bongup Jo, the deputy mayor, as its captain for this convention and advertised about national carbon products by displaying products of 4 organizations and companies, related with carbon, in the national province, such as Korea Institute of Carbon Convergence Technology, Dacc Carbon, Dacc Air, Pitch Cable, etc. and doing such. Also, it supported network between carbon companies of Jeonju City and foreign corporations like Airbus, CTC and so on.

Jeonju City, as a representative of carbon industry of South Korea, had been leading the Korean session of this convention and explained why the government has establshed the act on the support of the carbon industry; also Prof. Sunggyu Ha (Hanyang Univ.), a chairman of Institute of Carbon Composite, was given a time for presentation of his studies.

image: Jeonju City and Jeonbuk Province participated in ‘CFK Valley Convention Event’ going on for a week from 12th to 18th inStarde, Germany for partnership.

Besides, the delegation team set up the milestone for international launch of carbon industry of Jeonju City through management of exhibit booths.

“Carbon industry of Jeonju has achieved notable growth in development of fields concerning materials,” said Bongup Jo, the deputy mayor, “We have to reinforce forms of our carbon industry through value-chain with intermediary materials, final materials and such as our central entrepneurship.”

Founded in 2002, in Starde, Germany, through participation of about 90 groups of corporations, govermental organizations, universities, research institutes and such, with Airbus as the center, under supports of the government of Niedersachsen, CFK Valley is the technology research institute studying about CFRP (carbonfiber-Reinforced plastics) which is lightest throughout whole Europe.

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