The Heavy Equipment Exchange Continues to Gain Momentum; Members Experience Improvement in Their Bottom Line

Austin, TX – Approaching 100 dealers on board, and more joining each week, The Heavy Equipment Exchange (THE Exchange), the world’s first online, private dealer-only wholesale marketplace for the global trade of heavy equipment, continues to gain momentum with over 35 brands of equipment. Unlike other platforms in the industry, THE Exchange transactions and prices are only accessible to members and current members are taking advantage to create a better bottom line.  

“We are inspired that so many dealers share our belief that there is a better way to buy and sell used heavy equipment,” said John Fleming, CEO, THE Exchange. “Our goal is to bring buyers and sellers together to form a virtual inventory for each and every dealer to work with in order to drive more money to their bottom line.”

THE Exchange facilitates efficiency while reducing costs by aggregating buyers and sellers in a specialized wholesale marketplace. Utilizing its state of the art and patent pending technology, THE Exchange enables more transactions faster at normalized market pricing. Connecting decision makers in a dynamic trading environment provides higher net returns and lower cost to move used inventory, off-brand trade-ins, and reduce lost sales to produce incremental income and reduce customer migration.

As margins continue to be impacted by the Internet information flow, dealers are looking for tactics beyond the long game of giving auctions 10% or more of their transaction revenue.  Despite the comfort found in their historic ways, dealers are starting to change their perspective and realize that auctions are no longer expedient. They are time consuming, expensive, and there is no guarantee your machine will sell. As live auctions are sporadic, your equipment is tied up for weeks and the post auction cash distribution can add another month or more.  The result is both inventory and cash flow are negatively impacted.

“Technology is changing the archaic ways of buying and selling used heavy equipment,” continued Fleming. “We created a platform to increase used equipment sales by as much as 100%, increase cash flow and improve margins.  Using a virtual inventory simply turns product into cash while preventing lost sales due to lack of physical inventory.”

THE Exchange provides the technology to allow dealers, without regard to the brands they represent, to pool their inventory as soon as a trade is generated or a machine is scheduled to come out of the rental fleet or off of lease.  This works a lot like a commodity market – dealers make their inventory available in a private pool that only other dealers can search. Through sharing, each dealer is able to focus their physical inventory investment on high demand products, turn slow moving units into cash, and use real time virtual inventory to meet immediate customer needs and prevent lost sales.

About The Heavy Equipment Exchange

The Heavy Equipment Exchange (THE Exchange) is the world’s first, dealer only, private online wholesale marketplace for the global trade of used heavy construction, earthmoving and related equipment. THE Exchange accelerates cross-brand trade by bringing together original equipment and independent dealers on a smart, patent pending, secure, cloud-based SaaS platform. Global Exchange members connect and work directly with one another to instantly buy or sell inventory in an easy to use secure and trusted environment eliminating middlemen and pricing inefficiencies. By linking decision makers in a real-time transactional environment, THE Exchange facilitates fast transactions at normalized market prices, for higher margins and less cost.

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