FTM (Forget The Market) Reopens 3 Shares Options for a Limited Time. Aimed At Cautious Investors Looking For Consistent Performance And Profits

Investment firm FTM today announced the reopening of 3 separate share options; projected to provide good yields suitable for those investors looking for consistent performance and profits…this is good news for cautious investors.

The FTM investment fund took nine years research and seven years of investor feedback to perfect, with essential lessons learned from each & every investment made.

FTM has proven the value of solid experience & practical knowledge with 76 + positive months of returns and No negative months since inception, in March 2010.

History has shown that experience, in tandem with putting client’s needs first and ensuring capital preservation, counts for a great deal in financial circles. And the FTM management team have more than 60 years of financial industry experience between them.

FTM has demonstrated great resilience via 76+ “NO LOSS” months in a row, with a compound annualized rate of 8.74%. This consistently successful investment strategy dates back to 1997 and has been tried and tested throughout some of the worst market conditions, since the great depression.

FTM capital is secured at a rate of three (3) dollars of Medical receivables for every one (1) dollar invested. These receivables are currently spread amongst 100 different insurance companies with a maximum of 10% tied to any one company. This “wise spread “strategy ensures the very safest environment for FTM clients.

At the recent FTM Share Issue Launch Event, in London; Founder and managing director Endre Dobozy, reminded his guests “There is no such thing as easy fast money. Given that Wall Street has lost over 45% of investors’ money twice over the past 13 years and the average equity mutual fund investor has earned only 2.1% annually for the past 20 years. He concluded “as of first half of 2016, Hedge Funds are up on average just 1.34%. Meanwhile FTM is up 3.73%, 4.93% and 7.98% in their respective share classes….And that is the proof of the pudding!”

The relaunched share options are the brainchild of FTM a multiple Winner of the Best Fixed income fund offshore; with awards spanning from 2011 – 2016 (no less than 8 prestigious wins to date (listed here http://ftmmutual.com/#abt_ftm). That record of success speaks for itself.

Access to the FTM fund will be limited on a first come basis up to US 3.5 million. Then it will be capped for around 2 years. Investors interested in knowing more should contact FTM via their website: http://ftmmutual.com/home/contact

About FTM

FTM is a dynamic investment product that places emphasis on capital preservation first and foremost. Achieving consistent returns and maintaining low volatility. FTM succeeds by spreading investment risk between FX, Term Deposits and Capital Secured Investments. FTM’s performance is the result of their development of a more stable investment portfolio that provides ROI irrespective of market conditions. The predominant investment strategy used by FTM was born out of an opportunity created by inefficiencies of the US medical system. Payment delays incurred by doctors, hospitals and medical practitioners in the treatment of personal injury cases had become overwhelmingly onerous.

Since good cash flow is crucial to efficient operating costs; doctors, hospitals and medical practitioners are willing to accept less now, rather than waiting years for payment. This enables FTM to fund the purchase of discounted medical receivables and, by assuming the risk, generate a substantial return for clients.

Research and direct purchase of the receivables is done via Medical Accounts Receivables companies, which act as a “money bridge” between insurance companies and medical patients. FTM behaves like a bank and loans money out for payment of medical procedures. It is heartening to know that while creating ROI for clients, many sick people are being helped in the process.

FTM makes sense for all concerned.

For information:

Contact: Scobie Ryder: Kitaisshiki 6-20-15 Gifu Japan 500-8227
Email: outflomedia@gmail.com

Tel: +81 907 0314360

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Company Name: FTM
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Email: outflomedia@gmail.com
Phone: +81 907 0314360
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