Sources Report Men in Black Connected to Religious Groups, Not Government or Alien Race

HARTFORD, CT – 29 July, 2016 – The recent deaths of UFO investigators Gaurav Tiwari and Max Spier have the UFO culture once again speculating that anyone who gets too close to discovering sensitive government information concerning UFOs and intelligent extraterrestrial life, or anyone with official access to such information who has broken the code of silence, have been targeted for death by the notorious “Men In Black”.  The Men in Black are reputed to be FBI or CIA operatives, aliens, or other shadowy groups tasked with silencing UFO witnesses by intimidation, coercion and any other means deemed necessary.  Numerous investigators report that apparently hundreds of UFO researchers have died under suspicious circumstances since the 1950s; some argue far too many to be coincidental.  While the government does in fact have top secret groups within AFOSI (Air Force Office of Special Investigations) whose mission is to track and manage the public flow of UFO information, these groups are not authorized to use deadly force.

Recently military and intelligence sources have revealed the truth is that the real Men in Black are actually an organization that has no official name but has been referred to throughout the intelligence world as the Tutores Fidei or “Guardians of the Faith,” or just the Tutoribus, or “Guardians”.  The best information available indicates the Tutoribus have some sort of an association with the religions of the world, but only an elite few within those religious groups know of the Tutoribus true mission.  And, even fewer know the real secret that the Tutoribus are sworn to protect.  According to allegations made by these intelligence sources in the new book THE FINAL REVELATION: The Sun Project, the Tutoribus have been sponsored under various names by a religious alliance for hundreds if not thousands of years to protect the “secret knowledge” concerning the existence of an extraterrestrial race. It is believed the secret is known at only the highest levels of the religious hierarchies.  In the book, these military and intelligence sources lay out the relationship between the Men in Black (MIB) and the church, and the MIB’s conflict with government operatives, as well as the government’s own UFO information tracking operations including the infiltrating of UFO organizations.

The book includes additional revelations from the same military and intelligence sources concerning the Roswell Smoking Gun – Base Logs and Reports, Fact vs. Fantasy regarding some of the most infamous UFO Reports and UFO Abduction Cases in terms of what is real and what is not, the government’s weapon’s initiatives for Managing the ET Threat including the Inspiration for the HAARP Project, the Church’s Long-Standing Involvement in the UFO Phenomena, Global Dominance using the ET Advantage, and Evidence of ET Involvement in Human Evolution & the Ecosystem.

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