Frequent Night Sweat Sufferer Recommends Angel Baby Frosty Pillow Gel Mat.

“Angel Baby Frosty Pillow Gel Mat”
Angel Baby’s popular cooling pillow mats continue to receive excellent feedback from the Amazon shoppers. The product has recently been approved by a chronic sufferer of night sweats.

Angel Baby is pleased to reveal that their gel mat cooling pillow is now making lives easier for its users. In a recently published Amazon review, a night sweat sufferer has recommended this product wholeheartedly. This cooling pillow has already received close to four hundred Amazon reviews. Many of these reviewers have suggested that this product provides relief from high fever, neck pain, migraine, hot flashes, etc. This cooling mat is now selling successfully in for just $27.95.

While designing their pillow gel mat, Angel Baby wanted to deliver that will be soft the users’ skin and ensure a good night’s sleep for them. Made of an ultra-comfortable cotton-blend, the mats are capable of contouring to the body of the users and their pillow. The mats can be placed either inside the pillowcase or at the top of the pillow. Many similar products available on the market use water as the cooling media, and are prone to frequent leakage. Unlike these products, the gel mats from Angel Baby contain a safe gel that doesn’t leak.  

In her Amazon review, a recent user mentions, “I have night sweats and bought this to try it out. I really like this and I will be purchasing a few more for myself and friends. Even if I don’t put it in the fridge it still is cool but then again its summer time and I have the AC on high. If you put it in the fridge for about an hour or more it stays cooler longer through the night. I still toss & turn but now I go back to sleep a lot quicker, I just move to the other side of my pillow. I have a cervical pillow and it works well on it, doesn’t move and stays put. A few of my family and friends are waiting for my feedback on this so I will be telling them to buy this.”   

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