23-Year Old Christian Kressman Helping Scientists and Technical Companies Acquire a Foothold on Success

Kressman, one of the youngest in his field, continues to offer specialized coaching for scientists and high-tech companies

BERLIN, GERMANY – JULY 29, 2016 – Christian Kressman recently launched his specialized coaching company, Kressman Coaching, at just 23 years old. While he might be among the youngest in his field, Kressman is rising to the top in the field of coaching for scientists and high-tech companies.

Kressman has offered his coaching services for years, and his passion for mentoring others stemmed from his time studying physics and chemistry. During his first year of school, Kressman coached his professors, and he soon found that working to inspire and strengthen his colleagues was his calling.

Now, Kressman holds the world’s record as the youngest NLP Lehrtrainer, DVNLP, with Europe’s largest association for coaching. At Kressman Coaching, he works to hone in on the development of scientists and high-tech companies and works with clients locally in Berlin and elsewhere around the world.

“I specialize to their needs and speak the language,” said Kressman.

Kressman Coaching works with clients to strengthen presentation skills, learn proper format for lectures and speeches, get along with difficult colleagues, manage stress, set goals for career and personal life, and better manage time in the lab and other research areas.

Kressman considers his services to be “personal refinement” as opposed to personal development. He works with his clients through a variety of personalized one-on-one trainings, group coaching sessions, and training for entire companies.

“Honestly, you want to have Christian with you every time possible. His pleasant, kind, professional knowledge and competence make him a magnificent coach and workshop leader,” said Dagmar Lingg, CEO and Founder of Miezi Berlin.

“Christian inspires me every time I work with him. He is a great support when I prepare lectures,” said Nicolas Matt, Lecturer at Mannheim Business School.

As one of the youngest in his field, Kressman passionately exudes a confident expertise and assuring tone when working with each and every client. Since he understands the world of science and tech, he is able to speak in terms that his clients can relate to. He’s received numerous accolades in his career thus far, and Kressman looks forward to the future for the growth of his company and coaching services.

Whether one of his clients needs assistance in lecture analysis, editorial input for PR strategies, team building, conflict prevention, job seeker coaching, product launches, career coaching, or one of the other many areas he specializes in, Kressman and his team are ready to offer expert support and guidance.

More information can be found at http://kressmann-coaching.de/

About Kressman Coaching

Kressman Coaching partners with scientists and technical companies around the world to enhance personal and career development via specialized training and coaching services.

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