INC Announces New Show Starring A&E’s Kentuckyana Jones

Jul 29, 2016 – The Moturoais Corporation has announced it has secured the rights to air reality star Kentuckyana Jones’s new reality show, ”Kentuckyana Jones: Extreme Treasure Hunter.” The famed Kentucky-based adventurer was featured on “Barry’d Treasure” starring Barry Weiss from “Storage Wars” fame on the Arts and Entertainment Network (A&E).  The all-new show will be broadcast under its INC and INC Family banners, available on the Roku Streaming Platform.

Moturoais President of Operations, Anthony Hudson, stated, “We are excited to welcome Kentuckyana to the INC and Moturoais programming family.” Jones will be showcasing what he does best.He finds the most exciting and unique treasures from all over the world. The show also showcases and honors veterans. Additionally, the audience will be introduced to “The Veterans Soil Project.”

“The Veterans Soil Project is a wonderful and unique venture and is a lasting legacy to our men and women who have served, and continue to serve, our great country,” Jones stated.

“While working with Kentuckyana during the last few years, it became abundantly obvious that his treasure trove of talent and unwavering support for Veterans were inseparable.  Several national TV offers came forth but each one insisted on eliminating the Veterans aspect.  Kentuckyana stood firm and refused to abandon his voice for Veterans.  INC’s commitment to include the Veterans Soil Project within each TV episode speaks volumes about The Moturoais Corporation’s values as a global film producer.  And, those values compliment Kentuckyana Jones: The Extreme Treasure Hunter … aka The Voice for America’s Veterans,” said Doug Cifers, Kentuckyana’s agent and leading Veterans Advocate.

The Premiere episode of the show, entitled  “Kentuckyana Jones and The Beatlemania Treasure,” will begin streaming September 5th.  Join Kentuckyana as he goes on a hunt for a priceless antique Kali the Goddess bronze statue. Twists and turns abound in this roller coaster ride of an episode.  Will he end up discovering a hidden treasure trove instead?

This is INC’s first foray into reality television.  “Kentuckyana connects with audiences in a very special way. While many people already know him from his impressive work on A&E, we are looking forward to introducing him as a mainstay to our audiences on our flagship channel INC” stated Moturoais CEO George Bonilla.

INC (The Independent Network Channel) and INC Family is available free on all ROKU players worldwide. “Kentuckyana Jones, Extreme Treasure Hunter” will be available for streaming beginning September 5th, 2016.

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