Steve Casto Helps With Retirement Planning

Steve Casto of Strategic Wealth Solutions has been in the industry since 1999.  He graduated from Nebraska with a business degree with emphasis in finance. Casto specializes in working with retirees or soon to be retirees.

He helps them avoid a lot of the little mistakes that go overlooked till it is too late and his advice to someone looking for professional help is to understand that there is a lot of planning that needs to be done.

Casto adds,” There are specialties. So many advisors today focus on accumulating assets or like a general practitioner.  So many people maybe have worked with their advisor for years and just assume that, that same person can get them through retirement.  That is like using you general family doctor as we grow up and then maybe have a heart problem and instead of finding a cardiologist they stay with their General practitioner. It is scary and doesn’t make sense.”

Casto also advises clients to figure out what is meaningful and fulfilling to you. Is your portfolio and written retirement plan (almost no one has one of these) structured to support that?  Do you have your financial house in order. Imagine how good your future might be if you have everything aligned. Next, close your eyes and imagine the consequences if you don’t. What do you think?  Doesn’t it make sense to get your portfolio and retirement house in order. 

Some people have a major tax problem with all their money in 401k’s and if taxes go up they have no income plan in place which is the foundation of our getting your financial house in order.  They could be  accidentally disinheriting their grandchildren.

Based on your goals you should create a plan to protect your portfolio and create an income plan which tied together in their situation. 

A simple way is to take our retirement stress test right on our website to see how your house will hold up at

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