Collective Innovation Launches Idea Management System

Portland, Oregon– Collective Innovation has launched a new platform to help organizations speed up their internal innovation and get more customer feedback. IdeaLab allows public or private crowdsourcing of ideas that can be backed with metrics to help decide which ideas would be most helpful. Built by marketing and new products managers, it’s designed to fill in the gaps and speed up the process of internal innovation. It also serves as a tool to engage with customers in a meaningful way that makes them become brand ambassadors.

Features include user rankings, customizable emails, internal and external access controls, detailed analytics that can be mailed to all team members weekly and an easy­to­use design editor for making the site match the style of the brand. Companies can also choose the challenges they need solved with a countdown timer and participation incentive generator to help speed up engagement. Collective Innovation is the first innovation management platform to include the ability to have locations serve as ideas, allowing customers to suggest store locations or giving local citizens the chance to identify areas of improvement by simply typing in any address or dropping an icon on a map.

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The IdeaLab platform is more than an idea management systemÍž it also serves as a powerful tool for validation with a special feature called Instant Poll that allows members to take any idea and allow one­click email voting to any predetermined list. Meetings involve a lot of search for consensus that is rarely found and can be dominated by personalities. With Instant Poll, put whatever needs a decision into the system, hit the button, and receive the results 48 hours later. It allows any company to make better, faster decisions that are backed by the collective intelligence of the organization.

IdeaLab from Collective Innovation can be used as a complete internal tool or as a vibrant community for user engagement and insights. Cities, neighborhoods and government agencies can also use it to easily get feedback for proposals and areas for improvement, including crosswalks, parks, sidewalks, bus stops and other areas of needed development.

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