Finally A Better Alternative to TRIA That Actually Responds

Terrorism Insurance Group is offering a better alternative to TRIA by offering stand-alone customized no-nonsense insurance package to cover claims that resulted because of a terror attack for business owners, regardless of the certification status of the terror act.

Mahwah, NJ, July 29th 2016: In the wake of recent terror attacks in the USA and all over the world, American business owners are left questioning the validity of TRIA in ensuring their needed coverage under terror attacks. Albeit TRIA was introduced (after 9/11 attack) to support companies in covering terrorism costs yet its application depends on the “certification” tag of the very incident- and with a wide host of actual terror events not counted in for the needed certification it has only abetted the burden for business owners. But finally, Terrorism Insurance Group has come up with a better and more meaningful alternative to TRIA that assures coverage to companies under terror attacks, regardless or the certification status of the terror act.

“Ever since the TRIA was launched in 2002, not a single claim has been paid by the insurance carriers. It has cost the US government 1 million USD a year but has led to around 40 billion USD in revenue growth for the insurance companies. It’s not that there has been no terror attack in USA since 2002 but unfortunately most of them, including the deadly Boston bombing massacre, were not eligible to be ‘certified’ as terror acts qualified to receive TRIA coverage for business owners. No wonder, TRIA is of little use to us and hence TIG is here with a better and more credible alternative to the program and something that actually responds -when you need the coverage the most after a terror devastation. The best bit about TIG is that it will help you with the coverage regardless of the terror attack being ‘certified’ or not”, stated Russell Weinstein, the founder behind the innovative TIG concept.

A name of big repute across the US insurance scene, Russell has been helping individuals, business owners & brokers purchase insurance effectively for over 2 decades now. His forte lies in commercial insurance and Terrorism Insurance Group has assured worldwide coverage and proven claims settlement. The company operates with multiple offices in Florida, New Jersey & New York offering insurance under terror attacks to building owners, hotels, casinos, restaurants etc.

TIG extends stand-alone, customized terrorism insurance packages with the promise of a no-nonsense, reliable coverage. As the company does not count in the “certification” status of the terror acts, the users will receive payouts for any sabotage & terror acts driven by religious, political and ideological agendas.

A wide number of coverage options are available- including coverage for damage to the building, content, loss of rent threats, business interruption, coverage for 1st party active shooter and coverage for threats. The coverage also has options for general liability protection that could result due to negligence on behalf of business owners.

“TIG works with several A+ rated insurance carriers to create the perfect program to meet your needs and hence you don’t have to worry about the quality of our packages. Moreover, our products duly meet all lender requirements and you can safely replace the ineffectual existing TRIA coverage with our product which actually pays. I would also like to mention here that other insurance brokers are welcome to use our services”

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