Redstone Uprising Releases New Version, Fist of Flames

Released exclusively in North America, Redstone Uprising is an intense role playing mobile game that offers endless entertainment!

July 29th, 2016 – New York City, NY, United States – PopPace, a leading game developer and publisher, has recently launched its highly anticipated title, Redstone Uprising, on Android. Redstone Uprising successfully attracts legions of mobile gamers interested in real-time PvP and hero collaboration and teamwork. The latest version, Fist of Flames is now available for download on Google Play.

In the newest version, hordes of monsters allied with the Fist of Flames invade neutral zones. As Guardians on the battlefield, players must decide whether to band together and wipe out the enemy or to target each other and eliminate their competition first for massive loot! Players will be faced with this difficult decision beginning on July 29. PopPace looks forward to releasing additional Redstone Uprising updates, providing its players with fresh content and various new events and activities.

Updates in the new version, “Fist of Flames“:

1. The Fist of Flames is invading neutral zones. Kill elite monsters for a chance of rare rewards!

2. Titles are now available to players who fulfill certain requirements. Exclusive titles may be earned from various PVP modes, including The Pit, the Arena, and by killing other players in neutral zones!

3. Arena adjustments: Previously open all week long, the Arena has now been restricted to just two days per week, but offers far greater rewards! Players simply enter the arena once it has been opened. Players compete to defeat each other and scale the Arena rankings. Whoever comes out on top will earn a special Arena title!

4. Starter quests have been rewritten.

5. Players may now buy Blitz Cards with Gold.

Fist of Flames is a huge new PVE event flooded with three tiers of elite monsters – White, Gold and Red. Stronger monsters will drop far better loot! Heroes will not recover HP after battles. As a result, players must strategically manage their squad in order to outlast the enemy and other players. Healing heroes are now more important than ever, allowing players to battle for longer, challenge more enemies and earn more rewards! As the Fist of Flames takes place in neutral zones, players may kill each other. If defeated, players are kicked from the battlefield for 30 seconds. Only by allying with other players, properly executing solid battle strategy and by playing it smart will players be able to earn rewards from the Fist of Flames!

After this update, the Arena will only be open twice per week. Registrations, previously required to compete in the Arena, have been removed however, allowing more players to join in on the competition. In order to defeat the most amount of other players, players need to be smart in selecting the right squad and challenging the right opponent at the right time! By killing off weaker opponents first in order to preserve heroes’ HP and then focusing on stronger opponents with depleted HP, players should find themselves able to rack up kills.

Redstone Uprising is currently available on Android!

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