Flat-D Innovations Offers Solutions to the Affected Residents of DNC Fart-In

29 July, 2016 – Philadelphia – Grave concerns has been raised over the effects of the just concluded Fart-in protest by hundreds of Bernie Sanders supporters at the DNC in Philadelphia.  Residents of Philadelphia down to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, have high potentials to experience this foul wind as a result of the vast number of gassy liberals likely to blow up a hole in the ozone.

As sources within the government are calling on people living in the affected area to make adequate preparations to protect themselves and properties by acquiring gas masks, Flat-D Innovations have a proven and effective solution with their revolutionary product “Flatulence Deodorizer and Mask-D” to save people around the affected area from this embarrassing situation.

Brian Conant, President of Flat-D Innovations, Inc says “Our product called “The Flatulence Deodorizer” is a pad made of activated charcoal cloth.  The pad is placed in the underwear, in a similar fashion to a panty liner. When intestinal gas passes thru the cloth pad, the odor is neutralised.  Our product has helped thousands of people worldwide and has gained recognition among the medical community.”

He says further, says “Our product called “Mask-D” is an odor control mask made of activated charcoal cloth.  When you put it on you won’t smell any odors.”

Flat-D products are available for purchase on http://www.flat-d.com/

About Flat-D Innovations, Inc.

Flat-D Innovations is a 14-year-old privately held company located in Cedar Rapids Iowa.

They are the market leader in the odor control products segment. The company has developed many variations of intestinal gas odor control products for women, ostomy, and gastric bypass patients. Their products are doctor recommended, patented, FDA registered and will improve buyers quality of life.

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