Leading Business Coach’s new book shares Exclusive Life Lessons For Aspiring Managers

Leading business coach Doug Thorpe has come up with a new book “The Uncommon Commodity” that shares thought-provoking stories as well as anecdotes & life lessons that will help new & aspiring managers to become true business leaders.

Houston, Texas – July 29, 2016 – Spiderman was right when he said “with great power comes great responsibility” and the statement is even truer for the new managers. From being a single contributor at the workplace to being the manager; it’s undoubtedly the greatest career shift for anybody & with the new power comes a whole new set of huge challenges, responsibilities & accountabilities. Great news for the new managers on the lookout of an expert guide to help them in the BIG role as the leading business coach Doug Thorpe has just launched his new book “The Uncommon Commodity” which shares exclusive insights on how to emerge as a true successful leader even in the face of challenges.

“Being a manager is a huge responsibility. The entire thing is no longer just about ‘you’ but about ‘them’, i.e. your entire team, the whole company & your customers. Yes, there will be never-ending challenges and you might be questioned at every step if any team member fails to perform. But your accountability lies in developing yourself as ‘the leader’ who can deliver without fail. I know it’s no easy path and my book here will provide support with all the needed insights & lessons so that you can set an example as a true leader”, stated Thorpe, while announcing the launch of his book.

A business coach & consultant of great repute, Thorpe has been in the field of executive leadership for nearly 3 decades now. A highly trusted advisor to more than 1000 executives, he carries huge experience in helping companies with business growth, team building, problem-solving & nurturing new managerial talent. The owner of Texas-based leadership development & team building firm HeadwayExec, LLC, the author and his team of industry experts cater to high potential leaders/managers, senior executives & first-time managers or business owners.

In particular, the veteran business coach, speaker and author promotes the maxim of finding the right balance between life, work & faith. “The Uncommon Commodity” is the first book by author Thorpe.

Speaking further on his book, he stressed on helping the managers with a myriad of thought-provoking stories as well as anecdotes & life lessons that will help one to grow & perform as an efficient manager. The readers will discover practical & deep insights here that will guide them with the needed tools to craft the bridge – that will transcend them from just any team manager towards a true business leader.

“It took me several years to gather the insights and now I have all these ready for you in my new book. I am hopeful and positive that my tools and lessons will be your absolute guide on your career growth, enhanced management effectiveness & personal contentment – as you emerge as the real leader that you have been striving to become.”

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