Kuester Management Advises on Ways to Bring About Change in the HOA

Every HOA has rules and regulations, but that’s not to say there is no room for change. Kuester shares insight on making meaningful changes.

Love them or hate them, every homeowners association has rules. These rules are in place to protect property value, enhance aesthetics, and create a more enjoyable community for all. However, as times change, the rules may need to as well. A rule that was applicable 20 years ago may not be as practical today. In a new statement to the press, Kuester Management Group reveals strategies for making changes to rules and regulations in the HOA.

“The HOA is a living, breathing organization,” says Bryan Kuester, President of Kuester Management Group. “The rules that govern one community may not be appropriate for the next, and that is why each HOA establishes their own CC&Rs and other governing documents. But it’s important to remember that there is always room for change. If there is a rule that you disagree with – or one that you feel should be implemented – speak up.”

Kuester encourages homeowners – and board members – to familiarize themselves with existing rules and do their research. If asking for a rule change, make sure that it is in fact something the HOA has control over and not a regulation aligned with city or state ordinances. Also, make sure that the recommendation is in the best interest of the entire community – not just a few people. It can be easy for homeowners to look at how something impacts them, but not necessarily how it will affect everyone else as well. Look at the bigger picture.

If a homeowner feels strongly about a change, they should talk to other neighbors and try to garner support for their idea. Gather feedback and see what others think. Hear them out and keep an open mind. With a little compromise they may be able to come up with a recommendation that is agreeable to more people and more likely to be accepted by the HOA board.

“Before you stand up at a board meeting demanding change, make sure you go through the proper channels,” says Kuester. “You will have to submit your idea in writing ahead of time to get it on the meeting agenda. Topics not on the agenda cannot be decided upon at the meeting. Talk to the board and find out what steps you need to take in order for them to vote on a proposed rule change.”

Not every change requires amending the rules either. Homeowners can enact positive changes through involvement with committees and other activities. They can partake in projects and events that make the community a better place to live and bring homeowners together. Also, working alongside the board can give homeowners a better understanding of the rules that exist and why they are in place. It can also be a source of motivation to run for the board and become an even more integral part of leading the HOA and promoting positive changes.

Partnering with an experienced property management company such as Kuester can provide HOAs with the guidance, support, and insight they need to create more peaceable communities, boost communication, and operate more effectively.


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