New way of meeting new people

There are scores of stories how they met online. It’s like “Sally met Harry”, but online. If you ask a married couple who met first online whether they took it seriously before, they will definitely say “No”. I mean “Who dates online?”

However, nowadays social media are running people’s love life. You think it’s not a fake. You become obsessed with following somebody’s account, reading posts, liking pictures in order to attract the attention to your bright personality. An overloaded schedule, a distance, and lack of access to potential partners have no longer obstacles to dating. Social media provide the easiest free accessibility to an enormous pool of potential partners which may lead to serial dating.

Ok, once relationships established, you start communicating more than ever, share your pictures, call and go on a date. But first of all, small but frequent interactions. The key factor of social media is unreality and “sweet lie”. All people post the best version of themselves. Moreover, they write smart quotations, put pictures with wise life proverbs in order to impress or just to communicate to you: “Hey, I’m the expert in life.” But in fact all this I’m-showing-off approach has nothing in common with a real personality. To tell the truth social media depict a shallow imaginary version of people. You never know what lies behind that attractive smile.

The true self of a man can be revealed only in person. It requires time, efforts, and a sort of commitment. Step by step they go further, because it’s about outwatching how she or he treats others, how she/he talks, interacts, and reacts.

So social media “wrap” a person. They sell or promote your second “you”. The first, initial, original one of a person you have to find out yourself.

Online dating services do both: sell your “wrap” then give to taste the content of a candy. Why a girl (mostly men seeking girls on these dating providers not on the contrary) is compared to a candy? Because candies are sweet and tasty; and girls are selected so carefully according to the modern beauty standards so they are almost flawless… so sweet like a candy.  

First girls are “exposed” like on the exquisite exhibition, and then they show you their inner world. You can deep into it as far as you want. Dating sites provide a sort of a platform for this. They differ and it’s up to you to choose the best one compliant with your demand.

HeSheDate Dating Service has been following men for 10 years. Lots of them are fed up with chatting and long letters wasting their money and time in a second half search. So the Service integrated a new approach, whose key element is reality. It provides real girls, real calls, and real dates. Plus a specific accompaniment. Besides, like social media, there is a mutual interest as form men as from women.

So finding a good and professional online “go-between” or, let’s say, auntie “match – maker” is a must for those who purposefully are looking for a perfect match. 

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