Best Selling Face Paint Brand Releases 3rd Product on Amazon

“Awesome Fun Face Paint’s brand new kit with 30 stencils”
The market leading face paint provider ‘AWESOME FUN’ have just launched their third face painting kit product on, bringing even more face painting fun to children all over the USA.

As the latest new product release in the AWESOME FUN face paint range, this new kit has 30 stick-on stencils included, making it super-easy for parents to create designs for their children at home.  It has attracted rave reviews so far, as it means that Moms and Dads can paint their children’s faces from home without having to be artistically talented.

One Mom said:

“My 4 year old daughter just LOVES having her face painted. Whenever we go to any special events we end up waiting in a long line of kids to have her face painted. Then when we get home she doesn’t want to take it off before bed. Now I can paint her face at home – it is a great way to keep her entertained for hours.”

She added:

“I can’t paint to save my life – I am clueless! The 30 stencils provided in the kit make my life really easy, and it means that she can paint on my face too – which she loves.”

AWESOME FUN Face Paint, known as ‘America’s Favorite Face Paint’, said that they had recognized a gap in the market for a good quality face painting set that also includes stencils.  A spokesperson said:

“There are a lot of cheap kits out there from toy manufacturers. We are a cosmetics manufacturer – not a toy manufacturer, and this is the big difference between Awesome Fun face paint kits and the other kits available on Amazon.  Our paints are cosmetic grade, and of a high quality, professional standard.”

“Moms want this great quality face paint to use on their children – why would they want anything less?  But professional face paint sets don’t tend to come with stencils – only the cheap ones from toy manufacturers are available.  So we decided to bridge that gap.”

The spokesperson from Awesome Fun also went on to say:

“We have also provided a lot more stencils than other sets on the market. Kids get bored with using the same stencils all the time.  Most kits only provide about 10 stencil shapes – we offer three times as many, and we’ve even included stencils for Halloween and Christmas so that parents don’t end up having to buy another set.”

A simple glance at the reviews from all Awesome Fun face painting products backs up this guarantee of quality.  One reviewer said:

“This face paint kit works great. I’ve used cheap sets before and this is so much better. You get really great coverage with this set and it’s easy to apply to the skin. We used it tonight and although we are nowhere near professionals it was so fun. The paint goes on well and does not look watered down. Its easy to get good coverage with it.”

Another reviewer commented:

“In the past I always bought the cheap sets.  Well, there is a big difference between this set and the others. The paint goes on smoother and brighter. Just wet your brush and dab it in the color you want. You don’t need much at all. This kit will last a long time.”

Now with three products in their range, AWESOME FUN face paint has really earned its spot amongst the top selling face paint brands on Amazon.  A spokesperson said:

“We’re really proud that we have created a product that is loved by both kids and parents.  We hear great stories from our customers every day – it is lovely to see kids having so much fun using a product that we created.”

“Now that we have added a face paint kit with stencils to our range, lots more children can enjoy face painting from the comfort of their own homes.”

The set also comes with two brushes – one thick for great coverage and one fine for outlines.  Two sponges are also provided for light coverage on large surface areas.  A spokesperson said:

“We made sure that our brushes and sponges are great quality – and because we are cosmetics manufacturers, you can expect a high quality cosmetic sponge pad, not like the cheap sponges provided in other sets.”

Now a top-rated Amazon product, the ‘AWESOME FUN Face Painting Kit with Stencils’ joins two other products in the Awesome Fun range: The ‘Extra-Large Face Paint Kit’ and the ‘Face Paint Party Pack’. 

All products also come with FREE online guidance on how to paint various designs on to their child’s face.  So even without stencils you don’t have to be an expert – even beginners can be shown how to paint classic favorites such as bunny rabbits, tigers and butterflies!

As a parent’s first choice for safety, you can use this product on your child’s skin with no worries at all.  The ‘AWESOME FUN Face Paint Kit with Stencils’ is a top quality product that has been fully approved by the FDA, as it is non-toxic, hypoallergenic and paraben-free.  And because it is water-based, it will wash off the face, body and clothes easily.

Now on special offer for a limited time, grab your face paint set with stencils now while stocks last!

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