Leading Motivational Coach’s New Book ‘Wake Up! Break Rules!’ Shares Exclusive Insights on living the Destined Life

New book “Wake Up! Break Rules!” by leading motivational coach Charlene Gilman encourages all to drop preset stereotypical beliefs and prepare oneself to live the destined life that actually complements with his/her true goals & ideals.

Denver, Colorado – August 1st, 2016 – We work hard to create a so-called happy & successful life but if that life doesn’t align to our true goals, we only end up with frustration, resistance & inner conflicts. How about having a guide that can show us the right way to living our dream life that perfectly complements our heart-felt beliefs?

Well, the great news is that leading motivational coach Charlene Gilman has lately come out with her new book “Wake Up! Break Rules!” that shares exclusive insights on how to “man-up” and live the destined life.

Charlene Gilman is soon to run a Kindle Free campaign for her book from August 2 to August 6, 2016.

“Have you ever asked yourself what ideals or goals you believe in and why? Well, in this busy world, we get so entangled in striving to get aligned with preset beliefs that we often forget that most of them don’t exactly rhyme with our true self. Such a forced lifestyle distorts our very perception in finding what’s truly available to us to enjoy today. Through my new book, I am looking forward to encourage my readers to wake up from that twisted perception & drop the beliefs that don’t complement their true goals,” stated Charlene Gilman while announcing her latest book.

A leading business consultant & speaker, Charlene too was frustrated with her struggles to find meaning in her so-called successful life. Finally, after her prolonged career in the finance industry, she mustered the courage to chase her true goals & shifted to coaching people in major facets of life – such as career, relationships, education, finance, spirituality, hope and so on. Using her own personal experiences and that of the clients, she helps others to evaluate their lifestyles to understand how it actually empowers their ideals and beliefs.

“In this book, I have examined the different aspects of our life which interact to build up a balanced existence & have extended simple yet effective examples that would enable you to create the true wealth – that has been missing from your life.”

For additional insight, Charlene has consulted relationship expert & psychologist Dr. Felicia Williams, financial expert Trevor Mickelson, mind-body-health teacher Laura Stout as well as Marci Graham, the relationship expert from Human Awareness Institute.

Charlene Gilman’s new book offer worksheets & instructions to support the readers with personal development in several ways such as:

• Change their habits & mind-set for better
• Train their mind to get rid of fear & doubt
• Help them to nurture a healthy relationship with themselves
• Build up satisfying career, family & personal relationships
• Improve emotional intelligence
• Release the inner struggles
• Enable them to analyze their routines & transcend to a positive phase of continuous development.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/dCGGTu1uTvE

To catch a glimpse of the book’s trailer, visit https://youtu.be/dCGGTu1uTvE and to get your copy of the book, please visit www.wakeupbreakrules.com

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