ChalkTastic Publishes Half-Yearly Business Report for their Acrylic Paint Set.

ChalkTastic has just released the half-yearly business report for their distinguished Amazon product Acrylic Paint Set. This detailed report provides an in-depth analysis of the product’s performance over the last six months.

1st Aug, 2016 – ChalkTastic is pleased to announce that the company’s product research and analysis division has just released a detailed half-yearly business report for their Acrylic Paint Set. The latest product from ChalkTastic to be released on, this acrylic paint has already received seven hundred plus Amazon reviews with an excellent user rating. The just published business report has been prepared after a thorough analysis of the product’s performance in terms of sales, public relations, customer service, quality, etc. This popular chalk-based art accessory from ChalkTastic can be purchased at for $11.97 with several additional benefits.

Each set of ChalkTastic acrylic paint comprises of twelve colorful tubes, each with a volume of 12 ml. The superior quality of the paint makes the product suitable for many different types of surfaces including paper, glass, clay, canvas, fabric, wood, ceramics, and many others. Some of the mediocre products available on the market require several layers of the paint for proper color saturation. However, with superior covering strength, ChalkTastic has solved this problem for the users.  The product from ChalkTastic is made from materials that are completely free from toxins and odor. Therefore, this product can be used safely at school, home, art classes, or anywhere else. This product is also ASTM D-4236 and EN71-3 (CE) certified.

An extremely impressed user mentions in her Amazon review, “These are very nice quality acrylic paints. I used them to paint a T-shirt and a pinata, and I had a smooth, even result with both materials. You can get a lot out of those small tubes, so don’t be concerned. It dries to touch quickly, but you want to listen to the directions and let it dry overnight to be sure, especially if it’s on a hard, smooth surface. The colors are particularly attractive, and blend easily to make other shades. This would be a nice starter set for a budding artist, or even a handy set to keep around for many different projects, as I used it.”

Talking about the need for a half-yearly business report, a senior official from ChalkTastic stated, “This report is expected to help us identify the areas where we can improve in the days to come. It also serves as the foundation for our annual business plan that is expected to be released very soon.”

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